5 Reasons Eating Chocolate Everyday is Good For You

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I could probably think of a million reasons to eat chocolate but they are all mostly going to say this : “just because”! I am a confirmed chocolaholic. There, I said it. I have to eat it every day. Have to. It’s mandatory. If there is one day I actually don’t get any for whatever stupid reason, stay away from me.


So today I have compiled a teeny list of my reasons why eating chocolate everyday is good for you and why you should do it.

All kidding aside and before I go on, I get that chocolate isn’t everyone’s thing. People look at me like I have 3 heads when I tell them I don’t eat shrimp or drink wine. We’re even.  So why should we eat it anyway?

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Chocolates online?

But first, did you know that you can order chocolates right off the internet? I swear I live under a rock. I had to Google that and found that Amazon has some great prices on these delectable yummies. Check these out!!

And look at these guys!!!

Wait one more!! You can buy a whole big friggin basket of chocolate on Amazon! Whaaaa??

Are you drooling yet?? Seriously. Oh. Em. Gee!!! This is crazy. Who knew?

5 fun reasons you should be eating chocolate everyday

1 Comfort food.

Try and heal a broken heart with broccoli. I dare ya. Face it, when you’re sad, you want junk food, plain and simple. You want chocolates and cake and chips and pop, and maybe even a margarita? You don’t want broccoli.

Who reaches for leafy greens when they are crying a river of heartbroken tears? Right?

2 It goes with everything.

Absolutely everything. You can’t dip everything into, let’s say, mustard. Gross. Chocolates goes with sweet stuff and salty stuff. Any girl who is pms’ing knows that is real!!! It goes with everything. Yum.

I remember the first time I saw chocolate covered red licorice. Are you kidding me? Hello!!! And chocolate covered Rice Krispie squares?? Oh sweet geezus. I want to sleep in a bed of those.

3 It really is good for you.

Like emotionally. When you are sad, chocolate really does make you happy (unless you’re Satan).  Ironically enough, studies have been done (why wasn’t I in the chocolate study dammit?) and they concluded that it really can cheer you up and make you happy.

For those who aren’t into meditating to calm frazzled nerves, and for those who don’t drink alcohol, this should be your go to happy source. It works.

4 Better than roses.

You heard me. Not all girls want flowers and diamonds. Ok flowers are cool but you can’t really eat them, they die in like a day and they cost way more than goodness. Bring us some chocolate and you’ll have us eating out of the palm of your hand (pardon the pun) for a long long time.

Just bring it to us and if we’re mad, just throw it at us. We don’t care how we get it. Really.

5 Apparently it’s healthy for you too.

Some studies said that the flavonoids are good to help with heart health, lower your cholesterol level, helps liver function (wtf?) and some other stuff that I’m not so sure I believe. You tell me it’s good for me, I’m eating more of it. More on the health benefits of chocolates down below!

Plain and simple.

Have you had your chocolates yet today?

I get that not everyone can eat it either. I’m sorry for you. I hope you can find a suitable alternative. All I know is that I need it daily. Another reason that I discovered awhile back was that many people who suffer headaches can alleviate the pain by eating some.

Not everyone drinks coffee or tea and chocolate has a good healthy amount of caffeine to help make your headache go away.

Another win win if you ask me.

Health benefits of chocolate

So everyone keeps saying that dark chocolate does in fact come with a slew of health benefits. I had to dig a little deeper into that one for the sake of this blog post. I mean, we should all eat chocolate for the reasons mentioned above but if it comes with a health benefit, well, all the better!

So my research brought me to a few different sources and this is what I managed to compile for you. So apparently this is what dark chocolate can do for you. I’ll have to research white and milk chocolate as well but I doubt I will come up with too many health benefits on those delectables.

Health benefits of dark chocolate

  • it’s loaded with nutrients
  • it comes from the cocoa plant and has tons of antioxidants in it
  • it can improve your health and lower your risk of heart disease
  • it is loaded with fiber, iron, copper and other important minerals

Those are some pretty decent health benefits if I must say so myself!!

Dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate or what?

Which one is your favourite chocolate? I really do love milk chocolate but for some reason, it does not love me. I get migraines from it. I do love dark chocolate but only if it has flavouring like cinnamon or mint to it.

There are so many kinds of chocolate it’s kinda hard to choose just one that you like. And let’s get real here for a minute, who can love only one kind anyway? Just stop.

Down here in Guatemala we have really really yummy chocolates and across the lake you can actually go for a chocolate tour! Don’t be jealous. I honestly haven’t even gone yet but one day I will.

Oh and one more reason. Saving the best for last, if you are into pouring yummy things on your lover’s body, well, nothing beats the warm, sweet and gooey goodness. Did you just gasp? Lighten up. Try it. It’s amazing.

Peace and Love


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  1. Gm iva, thank you for your post. I just left an abusive relationship after two year. This reading will help between counseling sessions. I’m full of raw emotions especially crying last couple of days. I left two weeks ago. So thank you for your sharing.

    1. Hi Yvonne. Two weeks wow! Feel whatever emotion you must. Don’t try to stifle them. All in good time my friend. <3 Much love to you. And good for you!!!!!!

  2. I eat chocolates daily (sweet, bitter, plain, filled with nuts or any kind of fruit). I prefer the sweet ones to the bitter, and I crave to eat a whole bar daily.

    1. Hi Salam me too!!! :) I like to eat chocolate every day..yum!!

  3. I really enjoy your raw truth blogs awesome Iva :) Thank you for confirming the chocolate will always be BEST! YEAH! Whooo Hooo YES!

    1. Hey thanx for that Chantal…and yes…chocolate..daily…yum :)

  4. I love chocolate even more now than when I was a kid. It is definitely comfort food. I try to stick with dark chocolate for all its benefits but I do indulge in some milk chocolate on occasion. Why not. And since it’s been so cold here I’ve been having lots of hot cocoa too. Simply delish.

    1. Mmmmm hot chocolate…yum :) Thanx for popping by Kasia!! xox

  5. Raw cacao (from the beans used to make chocolate) is so good for you! It’ absolutely amazing how much it has to offer in the nutrient department, from tons of fiber, iron and magnesium, to mood boosting properties and even skin health support. I love it!

    I definitely make sure to add cacao to my diet daily diet. I love to make my own chocolate, enjoy the cacao nibs in yogurt bowls and smoothies and make sauces from the powder. But a nice dark chocolate bar is a total win too. The more cacao the better.

    Thanks for sharing some of the goodness cacao and chocolate have to offer ?

    1. Oh good idea!!! I never think of eating those guys!! Thanx!

  6. I don’t think I need more reasons to eat chocolate haha. I am in love with them enough already. And living in Switzerland is one big reason by itself :P But thanks for the info, good to know :)

  7. I love chocolate and eat a little bit daily! Thanks for the validation that it’s good for me! I love dark chocolate!

  8. This post is great as chocolate is the best! I have even started to use the raw cacao in my morning smoothies for the health benefits! Yu have me craving chocolate now :P

  9. I love chocolate a lot, and I think that I never had a night without eating a chocolate, especially at night while working. I can truly agree with you, that eating chocolate has come with a lot of benefits. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  10. Yay! I love chocolate, and the more permission (and excuses) we have to eat it, the better! <3

  11. I love chocolates too and I feel like eating right now but I don’t have one at home. Oh what to do! lol

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