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The 9 Multiple Intelligences-Which One Are You?

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Oh!! This was a good one and though it’s kind of listed as a quiz, it’s not really one. I found this piece to be extremely fascinating. Did you know there were 9 multiple intelligences? Who knew? I have a few friends who fall under Logic Smart. That ain’t me! I’m a butterfly with rose coloured glasses.

I’m a cross between Existential and Interpersonal. I’m pretty good at reading people and also very spiritually connected with myself and things around me (people and animals). I know when a Chakra is out of balance almost instantly. I’m also on the cusp of Intrapersonal though I think if I just got out of my own way sometimes, my life might run more efficiently.

Which  One of the Multiple Intelligences Are You?

Are you an audio or visual learner? Do you understand people and feel connected to things and energy? Take a few minutes to go over the different smarts and see where you fit in. You may have multiple intelligences. I know some people who are brilliant at anything electronics but are clueless about life stuff. I’m the opposite. Clueless with electronics but I’m totally all over life stuff.

Then there are others who know their wines or cheeses and some of us know tons about chocolate. Oops got a little carried away there! ;)

Go ahead and take this interesting quiz and see how accurate it is for you. Drop your results below!!

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