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 Angel Card Readings

I’m thrilled beyond words to offer this service to you. For years I admire Doreen Virtue and truly desired to be able to read messages from the Angels and understand them. In 2014 I took an Angel Card Reading course from a lady who was Doreen Virtue certified and she helped me understand the gift of reading on a much deeper level. I was finally able to fully see and feel the message intuitively and spiritually.

I believe messages from the Angels can help you get though blocks and lift you up to the next level of your life.

A 30 minute reading is now ONLY $25

I know what it’s like to want a service, help and or guidance and not be able to afford it, so I’ve dropped the price to $25!

It consists of a solid 30 minutes packed with inspiration, love and guidance.

I also do Live Global Online Readings on Mondays and Fridays at 9:00 am CST on my Facebook page Amazing Me Movement <click here for more. These readings are fun and inspirational. If you are looking for something more personal than a private reading is for you!

If you want to connect with your Angels or receive a reading online, please contact me to book a session.



Freelance Writer for Hire

I’ve been very fortunate in my life with the many different career experiences I have had.  Hairstylist, Fitness and Health Instructor, Youth Worker, Bank Representative and Feng Shui Consultant, just to name a few. (oh ya, I’ve done all those). Add my writing skills to that mix and you’ve got yourself one powerhouse writer.

If you need:

  • a newsletter
  • a blog
  • editing
  • a ghostwriter

then you’ve come to the right place, and found the right gal.

While my passion and forte lies in personal development, I am still able to produce top quality work on any subject or topic.

I can write about almost anything……..except computer geek stuff. No geek stuff ever. Really. Never.

I have written for many high authority sites such as Addicted2Success, Tiny Buddha and Change Your Thoughts, just to name a few. My work and writing speaks for itself.

If you need to drive traffic to your website with engaging articles, I got ya covered! If you are looking for a true professional that is fun and dedicated to her work, look no further. Oh, and deadlines? No problem. I respect them as much as I respect chocolate. (Mmmmm chocolate.)

Need more info? Of course you do! Fire me off an email and let’s chat.

Feng Shui Consultation

I am available to do Feng Shui consultations through Skype and email. Feng Shui has been a huge part of my life for the last 10 years and I have helped many people reach success in their lives through Feng Shui. If you need to:

  • find a new job
  • find new love or enhance the love you already have
  • increase your abundance or money flow
  • get more recognition for the work you do
  • and so much more.

then let’s talk. Feng Shui can help with all these and much much more!! Contact me today to discuss how Feng Shui can improve your life.


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Being interviewed by Iva was a great experience. During the interview, Iva asked a lot of great questions that really made this article shine! I was really happy that Iva was the one who interviewed me! Thank you Iva for writing a very wonderful story on the sport I love!" Marissa Meandro

October 26, 2015