Intuitive Angel Card Readings

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 Angel Card Readings

I’m thrilled beyond words to offer this service to you. For years I admired Doreen Virtue and truly desired to be able to read messages from the Angels and understand them. In 2014 I took a Angel Card Readings course from a lady who was Doreen Virtue certified and she helped me understand the gift of reading on a much deeper level. I was finally able to fully see and feel the message intuitively and spiritually.

I believe messages from the Angels can help you get though blocks and lift you up to the next level of your life.

 30 minute reading = $25

One hour reading = $45

These readings are in depth, highly intuitive and will zero in on where you are seeking guidance. We will look at your struggles, where they are coming from and break through so you can understand your next steps to get you back on track.

If you’ve never had an Angel Card reading then you don’t know what you’re missing! They have been so powerful for me to keep me focused and get back on track when I feel I’ve lost my way. (yup that happens to everyone!)

If you want to connect with your Angels or receive a reading online, please contact me to book a session.



There are spirit guides with us all day every day. It is up to us to recognize that they are there to help us, comfort us, guide us and to open our hearts and minds to their messages. When we allow for messages to come through and stay open to seeing and receiving them, it is then that your life will change. These card readings will help you open up to receiving guidance and teach you how to all upon your Angels when you need help.

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