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Pick a Tarot Card and Find Out What Will Happen To You This Year

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Ooooh I love anything to do with tarot and oracle cards, especially Angel Cards (but probably because the latter is my thing!) so when I found this quiz I had to take it. Pick a tarot card to find out what will happen to you this year.

I found this quiz to be quite simple and fun. Not too many questions, maybe 6 or 7? And the cards were pretty cool too! I’ll admit, I did take some time to look at each tarot card to see which one I really resonated with.

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Pick a tarot card quiz

So after I went through this simple test, here are my results:

This year you will….adopt a child or a pet!

This year you will be adopting either a child or a pet! It could also mean that someone in your immediate family will be having a baby. It’s an exciting time! Stay open to the possibility and the universe will support you!

Ironically enough, I DID adopt a dog this year! A shelter dog. How cool is that?

Your turn to pick a card!

Go ahead and take this simple yet fun quiz. Drop the results down below if you feel called to do so and don’t forget to share so your peeps can find out what will happen to them this year too!

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  1. I swear and know just from the “confirming quizzes,” that I was guided here. I received “you will adopt a child or a pet.”

    I think as well that we are kids hence adults from a different mother, lol.

    I think the only quiz that was different was the prophecy quiz, and I’ve done more than three or more here on your amazingmemovement.com website that resonated with your quiz results.

    Any who, I cannot see myself adopting a pet or a child but who is to judge that one, lol? We never know what the future holds. I’ve often thought of having a sanctuary farm for rescue animals.

    Maybe? Who knows, lol.

    Kindest regards,


  2. I really should have skipped this one.
    I read the cards, this exact deck (Rider-Waite) so picking ones to get me a “good” reading was too easy.

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