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Can You Pass This Basic IQ Test?

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I have no idea what my IQ is and though sometimes I wonder what it is I’ve never really been tested to find out. When I came across this IQ test I thought I’d give it a shot. This test is to see how gifted you are.

Interesting I say. I think I’m pretty gifted in lots of different things, just not my IQ

So there are only 10 questions if I remember correctly and to be honest, I found them to be rather odd. I’m not sure how they come up with these questions, or the results for that matter but whatever. I was happy with the results regardless of the fact that I didn’t get all the answers right.

Are you gifted?

So according to this bizarre test and the answers, here are my results:

7 / 10


You’re truly gifted. We gave this basic IQ test to 50 American adults and only 4 got 7/10 or more. You’re intuitive, well-read, and highly insightful. You develop your own methods of learning and have a sharp understanding of the complex. Your I.Q. range is evident in individuals with a PhD in the Arts and Sciences. Keep up the good work!

Looks like I am after all.

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Are you one of the gifted people?

Go ahead and try this out to see what your score is and to find out if you passed. If you liked this quiz, why not check out a few more on my quiz page. I promise, there are some really good ones there I think you’ll love!!

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  1. I got 10/10 but I’m not really smart? If that makes sense. I’m failing school basically…

    1. School is not for smart people. You know those people who get A’s in school? Guess what, they end up working jobs and living a normal life.

    2. are you not smart, or are you not trying? Academic knowledge doesn’t determine intelligence. There are many factors that make up intelligence, and just because you don’t do good in school, doesn’t make you dumb. That’s what many people fail to realize. Me personally, I don’t apply myself in school. I’m something you might call a highly distracted gifted child. I just don’t want to do homework, I don’t feel like paying attention. I could, but I just don’t. When I choose to learn something I learn it fast! I picked up the style of martial arts “tae kwon do” in 2 days, and my skills were that of a red belt. I am great at critical thinking, and im very cunning when its something I feel like, or want to do. For example, my parents are very tight with restrictions. The router has a password on it and my parents can block any device they want. So, I created a fake school document and typed up the routers security questions on there, along with other things to make it seem legit. I then was able to recover the router password and log in. Like I said. School grades mean little, if not nothing about your intelligence. Remember that. And that’s not to say you shouldn’t try in school, but don’t let your grades make you feel stupid, or useless

      1. Hi zach,
        You just described my experience very well. I am 59 years old. I barely passed high school, and skipped college altogether. I drifted off into my endless thoughts unless I had an interest in the subject. Turns out I had a genius level IQ and HSP. I just discovered this. I have done well for myself, and have accomplished great things. I suggest you take the short online Highly Sensitive Person HSP test. It is a gift. See how you score. You will know right away if this is you. You remind me of myself at your age. TW

    3. Chin up. School is not designed to aid those who really want to learn. It is designed to get you to conform, accept rigid rules and to accept authority and never question your leaders.

    4. Just because you think you aren’t smart doesn’t mean your not gifted. Some signs of giftedness does not sound like it would be a smart person doing it. For example if you curse alot its a sign your gifted!

    1. If Americans cant pass this then somethings really wrong with their education.
      10/10 and im not really even that smart.

  2. I scored 9/10…don’t consider myself that smart although I do well academically with straight As and I’m sound with basic life skills. Not much of a bookworm but Iam usually curious to learn about many ideas in general. Sometimes I don’t feel stimulated enough since I don’t have much facilities coming from a poor background.And I always feel that people with resources are way smarter since they can get skills and knowledge from a broader set of interests

  3. I wanted to see if I’m gifted to get into this gifted school. Hope I can! I got 7/10!

  4. These were just clever questions to answer than an actual giftedness test even though it was called basic. 10/10

    The only one that made me stop and think was the one about Africa until I thought about the earth’s rotation.

  5. This quiz is so stupid! Intelligence is based on a variety of factors,not just knowledge! I am an elementary school student and I got 8 out of 10… Anybody can pass this quiz just by knowing stuff! IQ is determined by looking at a persons CRITICAL thinking, not random riddles. I’m really disappointed.

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