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How Old is Your Brain?

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It’s fun quiz time! I found this one about your brain age and was totally curious. I like to think I’m pretty sharp and not really forgetful but Alzheimer’s does run in our family so I try to be cautious of doing mindful things and mental exercises daily.

Though this brain age quiz had a lot of questions, I found them to be interesting and easy to answer. In all honesty, for some of the questions, when I had to answer Completely False it was a bit of a wake up call for me. Why aren’t you doing these things more Iva? Time to get on that!

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The brain age quiz

Another reason I really liked this quiz even though I’m not entirely sure how accurate the results are is that it really made me think of my life and the things I am doing, or not doing, to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I try to be healthy and I know brain health is important too but I realize after taking this quiz, I’m not so healthy after all.

I think we often forget to take care of ourselves and spend so much time worrying that everyone else is taken care of. But what about us!? We are number one and we should be looking after ourselves first before anyone.

My results! Oh!

Your brain is 10 years older than you. (eeep)

You love living the good life! We think it’s great that you enjoy good food and drinks and you don’t ruin the party by insisting that you need 8 hours of sleep. However, we think it might be a good idea to balance that with some exercise or supplements because at the moment your brain is aging much faster than you. So keep living it up, because your life sounds awesome!

That does it for me. Off to the market for more fruits and veggies and fish!

Your turn

Go ahead and take this brain age quiz and let us know how you scored! If you liked this quiz you should head on over to my quiz page and check out all the other fun ones there too!!

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  1. I’m 19 but according to them my mental age is 32…

  2. Iam 33 but according to the my mental age is 43…

  3. I’m 37 but test says your brain is 10 years older than you.

  4. Its says ten years older than me what the hell all got the same result…so boring

  5. Says my brain is 15 years younger than me! I am 76.

  6. My brain is fifteen years younger than me. Geez. I wasn’t alive 15 years ago… That is upsetting that I have a brain of nothing…

    I’m top of my class… Scary.


  7. It says that my brain is 15 yrs younger than me and I am 16…..loll

  8. My brain is 15 yrs younger than me and I am 10.
    I don’t have a brain

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