4 Warning Signs Your Home Is the Cause of Your Anger and Financial Stress.

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The Feng Shui geek in me comes out for this blog. I love Feng Shui and everything about it. When I started dabbling in it I knew I wanted to take a course to become a Practitioner. So I did.

I discovered so many things that finally just made sense to me. The main thing I discovered is that our home is the main cause of our anger and financial stress.

Lemme explain. First things first. You need to understand what Feng Shui really is.


Feng who what?


Feng Shui is a practice that involves balancing out the energy flow in your home. That’s the definition in a nutshell.

Energy is everywhere and everything is energy. So if you think about that statement for one second you will understand that if there is negative energy in your home, well guess what. It affects your life.

Feng Shui is about clearing out old energy, allowing new fresh energy to enter your space and your life, and in turn, balance out your life.

Sounds simple enough right? It is really that simple. Now that you understand a wee bit about Feng Shui and energy, you will easily see how your whole life is affected by it. Even your emotions.

Let me share with you now the 4 signs that the energy in your home is causing you anger and financial distress. This will blow your mind.


4 warning signs your home is causing you stress and financial ruin


Here is how your home is causing you financial stress and anger.


Clutter is toxic


Just saying “clutter” gives me anxiety and if I walk into a house that has clutter I can barely breathe. No guff. Clutter is so toxic and dirty you can’t even imagine. So imagine you have clutter at your doorway.

Every time you walk in the door you’re tripping over something or yelling at someone to move their stuff. Every single day you go through this. Every single day you walk in your home and get upset.

Are you following me here? You’re angry before you’ve even had a chance to take your shoes off.

Clutter is the Devil of the Feng Shui world. Where there is clutter, there is anger, stress, anxiety and frustration. Clear the clutter, get rid of that anger.


The air smells dirty.


Remembering that energy is everything and everywhere, keep in mind that when you have a fight with your spouse or child or someone on the phone or whatever, that negative energy is still hovering around in your house.

Yup, I kid you not. It’s lingering there poisoning you. If the air in a room feels heavy or dark, that could be the reason why.

Clear that space right after an argument. Here’s how you can do that easily.


Old and ugly.


Your home is your castle. It’s your own personal space. The place you should be able to go to relax and feel “at home” and peaceful. It should feel warm to you and be beautiful to you.

Beautiful meaning, you should love everything you own. Oh, er…well maybe except that ugly picture Aunt Betty gave you but you keep it up out of guilt. Admit it, it’s ugly, fading, dusty and an eyesore.

Why do you want to keep ugly things in your home? Does it make you feel happy and prosperous and peaceful? Hell no it doesn’t. Think of beautiful objects in your home as symbols of wealth.

f you have something that is not even remotely close to being that symbol, guess what, your wealth reflects your things. Get rid of ’em. Now.


Can someone fix that please?


Talking about ugly objects what about your house? Is it all pretty and everything works good and the paint is nice and fresh and the doors open and close like they should? No windows or broken and there’s no garbage piled up anywhere, right?

Did you answer yes to all of that? Don’t feel bad if you didn’t. Remember your home is your castle. If your home is not that and is more like the neighbourhood joke, guess what? Castle symbolizes wealth, shack symbolizes poverty. Capiche?

Fix your stuff.


There are more causes of financial stress and anger


Let’s face it. Nothing is magic. Not even Feng Shui. Many of our problems we’ve created ourselves. We are the artists of our life and it’s up to us to paint the life we want.

With that said, if you are unhappy in your life or holding on to negative stuff from the past, that will not do your present any good. You may need to work on some inner demons in order to be happier.

We all want happiness and prosperity. Happiness is already inside you. Once you master that, prosperity will follow and your financial stress will be no more!

Does any of this make sense to you? Sure hope so! Start making some little changes a week and watch how your life improves.

Sorry Aunt Betty, the Feng Shui girl told me to throw it out!!

Peace and Love



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