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Full Moon June 2019 In Sagittarius Sets Our Emotions On Fire

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Eeep! Are you ready for this full moon June in Sagittarius? I sure af am not. I’m always an emotional basketcase, even on a good day, so I’m thinking that having more chaos on the emotional front may just find me drowning my sorrows in tequila. Who knows, but after an exhausting May, I’m not ready for this.

The full moon falls on June 17th.

This full moon does fall in the Sagittarius sign and if you know anything about Sag’s you’ll know they are adventurous and crave action. These peeps probably have a lot of irons in the fire. They’re busy and they’re hustlers. They like to seek the truth and will stop at nothing to find the answers, even though they might not like the answers they get.

This is where feeling emotional may just happen for most of the month, but especially around the full moon and 1 week before or after. If you like to smoke weed to chill you out, make sure you have lots on hand this month. Sorry.

Full Moon Schedule

In case you ever want to know when the full moons are here is a link to the full moon schedule in 2019. It would be a good idea to bookmark this site so you always know. I like to have it handy always. I like to check on the full moon cycles and schedules so I know when it’s a good time to do things or not do things.

It’s also really a good time to brace yourself for spiritual shit storms and other life malfunctions so we know how to best handle them when they arise.

Moongiant full moon schedule

Another reason I like to know what the full moon schedule is is so that I can prepare my healing gemstones for a good full moon cleansing. They love it as do I. I also like to prepare myself mentally and emotionally for my full moon ritual. You can read more about full moon rituals and how to do them here.

Full Moon Ritual-Why You Absolutely Must Do This Every Month!

Another thing I love to do during the full moon is to make a pitcher of full moon water. Read about that in this article. You’ll be amazed and your mind will be blown. Trust me on this one.

The Powerful Effects of Full Moon Water and Why You Need To Make Some

So let’s get back to the matter at hand…

Full Moon June 2019 in the Sagittarius Sign

I gotta ask you, have you been feeling emotional lately? How was your month of May by the way? Now the reason I ask about May is because May was a nightmare month for many of us, amirite? Are you included in that May sucked ass list?

Oy. May kicked me hard. It was one thing after another and none of it good. From banking mishaps to a two week road trip that was supposed to be a dream come true and it turned into a trip from hell. I found that May had me questioning a lot of things, including myself, my actions, my ‘what am I here for’ and everything in between.

This full moon June 2019 will be no different on the emotional front. Brace yourself.

You have questions and you want answers. But are you emotionally prepared to deal with them? Sometimes we think we are. Most often we certainly are not. We are seeking the truth to a lot of things this month and even though the truth sets us free, it may make us slightly uncomfortable.

Now keep in mind that Sag’s don’t mind speaking their truth and are very communicative. With this energy governing us, you will not feel so shy about speaking your truth either or getting to the bottom of something that has been bothering you. Remember though, you may not like the answers.

Look what I found? Click the image below to check out this gorgeous full moon necklace.

Feeling Emotional Lately?

So have you been? I totally feel you. It’s not an easy day to go through when your mind is playing tricks on you and your heart feels like it’s broken into a million pieces or worse yet, like it’s stuck in a vice grip. If you’ve been going through this for awhile already, be prepared for it to intensify. This full moon June 2019 is all about emotions.

Keep ’em in check if you can. Meditate, journal, sing, go on road trips, do whatever you have to do that helps soothe your soul.

One good thing about all this emotional drainage and trauma is this: there will be lessons to learn. You have two choices.

  • go off like a crazy person and speak before you think, in turn causing more drama and making enemies along the way OR
  • you can learn the lessons that each issue is presenting to you.

Choose the latter. Everything we go through is placed in front of us to learn and grow from.

Patience is a virtue

Remember patience is a virtue and will be your best friend during this full moon in the Sagittarius sign. Keep a close eye on your tongue and your emotions. If something is really pissing you off or touching your last nerve, take a step back and walk away from any situation that doesn’t serve you or bring you joy.

What we do now and how we handle issues will stay with us in the future. Always choose diplomacy, calmness and patience. Also remember, everything is temporary, good and bad. But if you spew hateful things to someone because they pissed you off, those words will stay with them forever.

Choose peace and kindness. No matter what.

Happy Full Moon in June!

Peace and love

xo iva xo

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  1. No wonder I feel so emotionally unstable! It came out of nowhere and just started around the new moon. I couldn’t figure out why I suddenly feel like my heart weighs a ton and I feel like I can’t snap out of it. May was a good month or felt like a decent month for me. Lately I can’t snap out of this melancholy feeling and usually meditating or doing breathing exercises works but this heavy energy is a bit unbearable. I feel like saging and having a stiff drink today. I hope the feeling goes away soon because its become hard to handle. Anyways thanks so much for explaining my feelings of madness! Blessings to all who feel this way.

    1. It sure is hard to handle!! I totally get it. xoxo

  2. No wonder!! I knew something had to be going on! I’m a super emotional and super anxious person as it is and lately I have been even worse not to mention that I have been questioning everything! It’s nice to have some insight, gives me some clarity through this roller coaster. ?

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