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10 Powerful Healing Gemstones Everyone Should Own

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I want to be buried in a bed of healing gemstones. I love love love all my stones and I literally could hang out at a gem and crystal show all day long. Now down here in Guatemala they don’t have shows like that but what they do have is a street lined with gem jewelry and pieces and art and oh…em….gee!!

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But I don’t love them just because they are beautiful and make amazing pieces of jewelry. I love them because of their healing properties. Their very powerful healing properties. In case you didn’t know, and if you already happen to have some gemstones but just thought they were for looks, crystals have mind-blowing healing benefits.

Say what?? Healing with Gemstones?

Before I go on, I understand that some of us may require deeper healing than gemstones can provide. Though these stones do have great healing properties, some things need more professional help. Please check out if you feel you need to speak to a professional. It is an amazing site.

online therapy pic-how to be happy in life

You heard me. Gemstones have emotional and physical healing properties. In this post, I’m only going to touch upon emotional healing but you can check out this great book for a more in-depth description of all the healing properties of the stones.

The Crystal Bible I had this book when I lived in Canada and I sure do miss it.

healing gemstones crystal bible

But before we move on to my favourite healing gemstones I want to touch upon one more thing that’s very important with all gemstones and crystals. They pick up and have energy.

Like anything else that gets ‘dirty’, they need to be cleansed. Frequently. Here is how I cleanse my crystals and a few tips.

How to cleanse your crystals

There are so many different ways to cleanse your crystals but I usually follow the same routine (call me a creature of habit). I’m also a lover and firm believer in the power of the full moon. I also like to put on some nice Zen music too.

How to cleanse your crystals:

  • place them in a window under the light of the full moon
  • use a sage smudge stick and let the smoke cleanse your crystals
  • give them a salt bath in distilled/filtered water (soak overnight)
  • let them bask in the sunlight!

I found this awesome tutorial on cleansing crystals. She does a great job explaining it.

So you can see, it’s pretty easy to cleanse your crystals and it’s of the utmost importance to do it frequently. Some times you may want to cleanse them are:

  • right after you’ve used them for emotional healing
  • if someone else has touched them
  • if they’ve been sitting dormant somewhere with no human contact

Now this may sound weird (I’ve never been known to be normal anyway) but if someone happens to touch a crystal pendant I’m wearing while I’m out and can’t cleanse the crystal immediately I will simply blow on it to put my energy back in it and blow theirs away.

Ok I know weird but it gives me comfort.

Now keep in mind there are a few gemstones that don’t require cleansing at all. According to below are the ones that are good to go on their own!

  • Citrine
  • Carnelian
  • Clear Quartz, and
  • Kyanite

Actually you can use clear quartz to cleanse other crystals but if you do use it for that purpose, I personally would recommend maybe giving it a wee little salt bath afterwards.

So let’s get to my top 10 healing gemstones now!

10 Healing Gemstones You Should Own

In no particular order of favourites, (er wait maybe it is?) I do have a few more stones that I absolutely adore and will discuss those more at the end of this.

Rose Quartz

The love stone, fantastic for loving yourself again, wanting to feel more love and helping you heal a broken heart. I have a gorgeous Rose Quartz crystal pendant I wear when I really feel I need to have more love for myself.

rose quartz pendant

Tiger Eye

Feeling like your self confidence or self esteem just got flushed down the toilet? This stone will help you feel more courageous, brave and more confident in yourself, your work and your ideas. I often wear my Tiger Eye gemstone ring if I have to go do something out of my comfort zone.

tiger eye ring for women-healing gemstones


If you’ve been feeling stressed out lately grab an Amethyst stone and find a quiet place to chill out in. This is a great calming and meditating stone. Also if you are feeling anxious about something this stone is great to help soothe your nerves. I love my Amethyst bracelet and wear it when I’m traveling.

Lapis Lazuli

Such a pretty stone. This one helps you with your self awareness/expression and also to find your truth and speak it. It also is great for raising your self confidence. If you are feeling like you don’t belong or don’t fit in anywhere or maybe you don’t quite understand who you are, this will help you gain some clarity.


Another good stone for stress but it’s also really great for helping you with inner strength and peace. It also helps to control emotions if you have been frazzled. This is a great stone to have around for any sort of new venture. And it’s so pretty!!

Clear Quartz

Though Clear Quartz is the go to stone for amplifying the healing properties of other stones, it really is fantastic for clearing and preventing negative energies. A great stone to have around if you just had a fight with a partner, co-worker, family member etc, to clear the toxic energy of the room.

But really, pair this stone up with your other stones to magnify the energy. I love the versatility of this stone!

clear quartz pendant=healing gemstones


One of my favourites for sure! This is the perfect stone if you have fears or phobias. The Amber will aid in helping you get through them. Also a powerful gemstone for clearing away negative emotions and limiting beliefs that still may keep you back from living a life you deserve.

(look how gorgeous those earrings are!!)


This is probably the best stone to repel negative energy and calm your stress/emotions. It’s an amazing grounding gemstone to help you stay, well, grounded in any stressful or upsetting situation. It’s also a beautiful stone to pair with others.

healing gemstones hematite bracelet


Another great gemstone to help with negative energy but this one is also really fantastic for increasing positive energy, self confidence and concentration. Keep a Fluorite stone in your hand if you need to face a difficult decision making situation.

I will wear my fluorite ring when I pick me a upper in confidence!

healing gemstones


This stone is by my side all the time while I’m working. It sits right on my laptop. This is an amazing gemstone for motivation, creativity and courage. It also helps with me with focusing on the task at hand. This is a great stone for those in business for themselves to help with feelings of success.

carnelian crystal pendant-healing gemstones

(how stunning!!)

A few more healing gemstones

These are my top 10 healing gemstones and all of these, plus many more, are never too far away from me at all times.Other amazing healing crystals and stones that I own and love are:

Sunstone– this stone literally just makes me happy and puts a spark back in me.

Garnet– Garnet is said to be ‘the merchant’s stone’ bringing in more business, prosperity and abundance

Cinnabar– the stone of prosperity and good luck

Blue Lace Agate– this is the ‘find your voice’ stone. I wear my pendant when I need to speak my truth.

I literally have gemstones all over my house. A small pile of rough Rose Quartz stones on each nightstand in my bedroom. A small bowl of abundance stones on my desk. A lovely tray of prosperity and good luck stones in my kitchen. They are just everywhere.

And they all get cleansed once a month. Please don’t forget to cleanse your stones.

Healing gemstones are something that everyone should have

Whether you love some of the healing gemstones or not, do yourself a favour and do some research to find the stones that are right for you. Never underestimate the true healing properties of gemstones.

If you are a non believer then try this. Go to a new age store near you, talk to the person at the store about which gemstone might be right for you depending on what emotional issue you need help with (they are normally quite knowledgeable). Don’t spend too much money, even just a small tumbled pocket stone will do (you can usually grab one for under $5).

Next time your issue arises, grab the stone in your hand, talk to it even, ask it to please heal you and then watch what happens. Have faith in the power of and effectiveness of healing with gemstones.

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  1. I didn’t know that you could actually use the amber gemstone as a healing stone–I know that there are several stones that have healing properties, so finding out about this one is new to me. Now that I took a second look at what amber can do, it can actually help clear away negative emotions and helps you focus on the positive. If I had some amber gemstones, then I would definitely want to try it out and see if it would work for me.

    1. All gemstones have some healing properties to them. They are super amazing xo

    2. Thank you.I have a lot of these gemstones.I love them all and love learning of their properties. Thanks again.

  2. I have a 6 yr old going through Chemo and Radiation. What must I get him. His Cancer is rate. Behind throat and sinus.
    Thank you,

    1. It may help you cope, but it has no medicinal properties. You must hold out hope that he will get through. I do hope he gets though it though.

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