How to Cleanse Negative Energy in 5 Steps

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The Feng Shui geek in me comes out for this blog. So many of us have negative energy and aren’t even aware of it. Energy is in everything and everywhere so we kinda want it to be fresh and clean, not toxic. I’m going to show you how to cleanse a room of negative energy and you’ll be amazed at how you feel once it’s done!

But first, let’s talk about all energy, toxic energy, and clean energy.

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How to tell if a room has negative energy in it

It’s really important to understand that energy is everywhere. So many people just don’t get this. I never used to until I started studying Feng Shui but even without knowing or understanding Feng Shui, we have to understand that energy makes up our entire world, universe, space, life, you name it, it’s in there.

Do you ever walk into a room or meet someone and something just feels off? Maybe the vibes from the person are cold or the room you just walked into feels heavy. That’s energy. That heavy feeling you feel from the room is negative energy that has yet to be cleared.

Believe it or not, this energy can actually make you feel sick. Yup. That’s the power of negative energy.

Think about how you feel when you walk into a sunshiny bright cheery room. It makes you feel alive and happy, right? That’s clean energy. You will carry that feeling with you for the rest of the day. Same with the negative crap. That will also stay with you all day.

Can you see how powerful energy is now?

Why do I need to remove toxic energy?

It’s so important to remove toxic energy as soon as you feel it or know that it’s there in the room. If you’ve been feeling down or sad lately and have been in a slight funk, all that you have been feeling lingers in your space. If you want to feel better, lighter, and happier it’s important to cleanse your room of negative energy.

The steps below will help with that!

Many people ask me all the time how to block negative energy and while I honestly don’t think you can block 100% of it 100% of the time, I do believe you can ward off at least some of it. I’m a huge fan of gemstones and healing crystals. If you aren’t entirely sure of how they work or what they are, this post might help you understand them just a wee bit more…

How to Use Gemstones to Heal Every Part of Your Life

Black Tourmaline and Hematite are two of my favourite stones to block negative energy. I have bracelets with these stones and wear them all the time. You can check out these stones here. Click the images for more information

This is a black tourmaline bracelet

black tourmaline bracelet-repels negative energy

And this is a hematite wrap bracelet

hematite bracelet-this stone can cleanse a room of negative energy

You’ll be surprised how powerful the energies of these healing crystals can be. Don’t knock it until you tried it!

Clear quartz crystals are also super awesome at clearing negative energy in your space AND can also be used to amplify the power of your other crystals.

So let’s get on with how to cleanse a room of negative energy, shall we?

How to cleanse a room of negative energy in 5 steps

Perform a space clearing

Some of you may know what that is (space clearing) and others may have never heard of it but I can tell you one thing, it is absolutely imperative that you do it, at the very least, once a month.

I usually do it once a month and it generally takes me about 30 minutes but that could be because I live in a small house. For larger spaces, obviously, it will take you a little longer. Space clearing is something you should do when:

  • there has been any kind of stress in your house
  • there has been a death or illness
  • you’ve just moved into a new place
  • a relationship has ended
  • any other negative thing has just occurred in your life
  • you just need to change the energy in your place

How to do a space clearing

Well, first of all, it’s mega easy peasy to do. Trust me on that one. It’s also kinda fun and liberating and you may find yourself doing it more than once a month after you get the hang and feel of it.

Space clearing is cleansing the negative energy in your place. Have you ever noticed that the air or a room feels heavy or dreary? Almost depressing-like?

You kind of feel sad or maybe even tired with little to no energy? If you have felt any of those things, then that’s your cue to do a clearing!

The steps are easy. There are many sites on the internet that tell you how to do it and they are all pretty good but I’ve narrowed it down to a few simple steps that feel right for me. You will know what feels right for you. The only materials you will need are:

That’s it, that’s all. Make sure you are alone or with no distractions. The best time to do a clearing is between 11 am and 3 pm. Turn on the soft music, light your candles (these you can have burning safely on your coffee table or dining room table, wherever really) and sage smudge stick, open your windows (if you can) and here we go.

1 Starting at your front door

…and moving clockwise, take your sage and carefully go from room to room, closet to closet allowing the smoke to cleanse every inch of your space. (I will carry a tin plate and hold it directly under the sage to catch any ashes that may fall)

box of sage smudge sticks-cleanse a room of negative energy

2 As you do this

…imagine all the negative energy burning away or getting cleansed and turning into positive energy. Hold those thoughts the whole time. You can even talk or pray while doing this. I usually say “goodbye negative energy, hello happy positive energy, welcome back into my home” or something close to that.

3 Do the entire place

…closets, behind doors, every nook and cranny and then finish back at the front door. Take a few deep breaths here, maybe even say a little prayer if you feel inclined to do so.

4 Now take your lavender

…or lemongrass spritzer and once again, starting at the front door and moving clockwise, refresh the air and your rooms with your spritzer. ( I like doing this because it gives the air a wonderful fresh clean scent after burning the sage which, in my opinion, doesn’t smell too nice) Lavender is always easier for me to find where I live.

lemongrass oil-how to cleanse a room of negative energy

lavender oil-how to cleanse a room of negative energy

5 You are now done

…and should go have a shower and put some fresh clean clothes on. See how easy that was??

Cleansing energy, especially your personal energy, is crucial!

Usually after I do my full house space clearing, I always take at least 5 minutes to clear my own personal energy because cleansing energy, all of it, is so important!

So what I normally do is once my space clearing is done, I’ll stand somewhere where I feel comfortable and there are no distractions, and taking my sage smudge stick that is still lit and smoking, I will start at my feet and in slow small circles, I will smudge my entire body.

Remember we have 7 chakras that need balancing and clearing as well. Chances are, if you are doing a space clearing because of a tragic incident, a fight, or something negative, your body has also absorbed all that negative energy and it’s so important to clear all of that.

In case you aren’t sure, your 7 chakras are:

Root-base of your spine

Sacral-belly button

Solar Plexus-just above the belly button

Heart-right at your heart

Throat-your throat

Third Eye-in between your eyes

Crown-top of your head

It’s so important to keep them balanced and cleared and right after a full space clearing is a perfect time to do this.

If I feel my heart chakra is weak or unbalanced I will hold the sage smudge stick there a little bit longer and give it a good clearing. Use your intuition to guide you on this.

After you cleanse a room of negative energy you will feel amazing!!

I always tell people that if they don’t feel much better after a clearing to do it again. You may not feel 100% better but you should definitely feel a little lighter and happier!

Please don’t forget to shower when you are done and maybe have a nice hot cup of herbal tea. Lemongrass maybe? :) It’s so important to protect your personal and home energy. People don’t realize how physically ill you can become if negative energy hangs around too long.

Go ahead and try this and if you ever have any questions, shoot me off an email.

Happy Feng Shui’ing

Peace and Love


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