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This Inkblot Personality Test is Ridiculously Accurate!

Last Updated on 2 years by Iva Ursano

Oh quiz time again. I am always drawn to the image picking ones. I don’t get it, it just is. This one asks you to choose images and it will reveal your true personality. The Inkblot personality test has always been a favourite and probably still the most popular quiz to date.

You know sometimes we think we’re strong in one character trait and weak in others, but if you were to ask your friends or family, they will tell you something completely different. Too often we think we’re not that self confident or brave until a situation shows up and disproves our original belief.

To be honest, I just don’t think we give ourselves enough credit. We’re too hard on ourselves.

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The Inkblot Personality Test

So after going through all the pretty pictures and colours, it turns out I’m the Humble Believer.

You’re the humble believer! You’re the best kept secret around. You’re an incredibly kind, compassionate, loyal and caring person who would absolutely never think to brag about it.

You’re that friend that everyone can depend on and you never expect anything in return. Okay, we won’t exaggerate! You’re not a saint but seriously give yourself the well deserved credit!

You have deeply held values and a rare moral compass that keeps you down to earth, humble and kindhearted. You see the best in people and no matter how frustrated you may get at times, you go through life with an open heart and an unconquerable loyalty to the ideas, places and people you hold dear. 

To be honest, I was pretty amazed at the accuracy of the results from this personality test.

Your turn

Go ahead and take this test and see who you are. Share your results below. If you loved this quiz, why not check out this one that I think you will love too!!

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  1. I don’t think this describes who I am now, but if I become the authentic me that I’m inspired to be, this is how others may view me.
    Very interesting

    1. Hi Lorenzo. Thanx for your comment. These quizzes are usually accurate for me but they are mostly for entertainment purposes really. :)

  2. Haha! Yep! It was pretty accurate for me, too! Love this stuff!

    1. Ha! Ya I’m a sucker for these silly quizzes Darlene..;) thanx for playing and commenting!

      1. I love these also.
        Plus trivia
        Plus hide a word
        Plus crossword
        Need I go on. Lol

  3. I got the humble believer?it’s soooo accurate and true about me.
    Thnx Iva for those lovely quizzes the’re intrestingā¤?

  4. Lol. Bad ass genius here!? sooo true ?.. love these?

  5. surprised how could you know that… but entertaining

  6. use of your shining brilliance, impressive ingenuity and rare resourcefulness. You’re a genius! You don’t give yourself enough credit and it’s likely that you were misunderstood as a child, but it’s your time to shine! Sound silly? Maybe, but it’s the truth. Life is only going to get better as you get older because others will learn to appreciate how damn smart you are! You’re a highly advanced and unique thinker with rare problem-solving skills that may intimidate some, but are really quite impressive. Based on your answers throughout this quiz, it’s abundantly clear that you’re an independent thinker with serious genius potential!

  7. The one with many bodies option. I thought of a frog.
    Also the 9ne that had the option lungs. I thought 9f it as two cliffs n a bridge between them.
    šŸ˜†But non of my options were there so i wonder what my results might actually be

  8. Charismatic Leader.
    Well, partially true. Take the LEADER part out and it’s fairly spot on, but I DO NOT LEAD. I’m too much of a chicken for that!

  9. This is damn accurate since child everyone call me quriky and eccentric

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