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Can You Finish The Lyrics To These 10 Rock and Roll Songs?

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Fun quiz time!! The title of this one caught my eye and I had to take it. I love music and seem to think I know most of the lyrics to the rock and roll songs I love and to about a trillion other songs. I gotta admit though, this was a tough test!! I thought I knew all the lyrics to some of the most popular songs.

Oh how wrong I was.

Popular songs lyrics can stump you!

You ever listen to some popular songs and sing what you think are the lyrics then you find out years later you were super wrong? Ya, me too. Like these 10 rock and roll songs in this quiz. Some of these songs in the quiz I hardly listen to anymore so honestly I just guessed at the lyrics.

Bad idea.

Though I’m not really a huge rock and roll fan I have to be honest, back in my day, that’s about all I ever listened to which is why I was surprised with my results and lack of knowledge!

My results of the rock and roll lyrics quiz

So thank God there were only 10. I shudder to think how terribly I would have done if there were more! Eeep! After guessing at most of them here are my results:

3 / 10

Low score. You barely know a thing about rock and roll…

Yup. I suck. I didn’t manage to answer the last 7 questions. Good grief! You may do way better than me though!

How well do you know rock and roll music?

Go ahead and check out this super hard (in my opinion) popular songs lyrics quiz to see how well you do. Drop the results below if you feel comfortable doing so! If you liked this quiz you should head on over to the quiz page and try out a few more!!

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