A Horror Story About People Judging Others.


OK. Phew that felt so much better. I really needed to get that scream out today. Funny thing happened to me today. OK not funny haha but funny hmmm. Actually not really funny at all and it makes me cringe at some people’s mentality. I really detest people who judge others. Really bitch? Judge me when you’re perfect. Ugh!!! Here’s my story…Judging is just so ugly.

Here we go.

I go to the gym. I work out, I leave. I’m in “relax mode” kinda clothes. No make up on, my crazy big fro hair is pulled into a big fluffy mess on top of my head, I got capris on and a plain ole’ t shirt. Got the visual?

I kinda look like I could be gardening or something. Certainly not out shopping, that’s for sure. And keep in mind also, I’m pretty inked up. Not that that should make a difference but read on..apparently it does.

I have a bit of running around to do before I head home to work, and one thing that I desperately need to do is go get a new pair of glasses. Mine are toast and my prescription is over 3 years old.

The Satan Store

Off I go, to optical stores. First place I go to, I walk in, the two store employees are talking amongst themselves, a few minutes in, not long, one greets me. She walks over to me, gives me a clear “once over” and asks if she can help me. As a matter of fact, yes you can. I need glasses.

Right where she’s standing there’s an enclosed glass display of glasses, obviously the higher end ones, and she says “Well let’s move on down here, these ones are really expensive”. Um, OK. I think nothing of it at first because I’m in total overwhelm at all the glasses I have to go through to choose one pair. (is she judging me??)

I have to tell you, a very important note, I despise shopping for glasses. I’d rather chew shards of glass dipped in cyanide. No really. It drives me fucking bat shit crazy!! Like shopping for a bra is up there on the dislike list too. Ugh!

Anyway we’re looking, after way too long I pick out a couple of pairs (2 for 1 deal, gotta love that) and I head off to get my eye examination. I return to the store and prepare for my purchase. The girl who originally served me is out on break. Before I finalize my purchase there is one thing I really want to do.

I want the expensive ones dammit!!!

I need to look in the glass case that I was prohibited from shopping in because it was “too expensive”. There is a sweet pair of Versace’s. Now before we get too far into this please please know that I am NOT a label chaser. Far from it actually. But I know who Versace is and these glasses are fucking sweet!

And right then and there it hit me!! The first store clerk looked at me and had decided that I couldn’t afford the glasses in the enclosed display. How dare she? How dare she decide for me what I can and can’t afford? Who the fuck are you to judge me in such a heartless way? Bitch, are you judging me right now?

Needless to say, I was horrified. I tried on those Versace’s and they looked super hot on me! But guess what? I won’t be buying them there. I actually won’t be returning there. I’m huge into customer service. I don’t think insulting customers is a great way to treat them. Really.

Please don’t judge. Please.

Back to the drawing board. Good grief.

Pass the cyanide please.

Peace and Love!

Iva ♥


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