Being An Empathic Person During Mercury Retrograde Can Be Tough

I mean, being an empathic person in general can be tough all on its own but Mercury just went retrograde on the 26th of July, the day before the lunar eclipse. The energies are off the charts and people are slightly irritated and agitated right now. Ok maybe more than slightly. They are downright frantic.

You know, poor Merc sure has a bad rap. With relatively good reason. Communication breakdowns, flights cancelled, crazy weather, things break, people turn into assholes. I mean, ya, it’s not all good. But what people forget is that Merc really is just sending you signs. Many of us miss the signs. Instead we brace ourselves for a 3 week shitstorm and pray for that it won’t hurt so bad this time.

An empathic person just wants to hide out

So because empaths are, well, very empathic, this is a bit of chaotic time for us and our sensitivity. Not only are we feeling our own energy supercharged, we’re taking in everyone else’s too. And it’s not pretty. We feel you. All of you. And during the retrograde, we feel you even more.

Is it just me or does it seem like negative and toxic people gravitate towards us even more because we’re like a sounding board? Are we just toxic energy magnets? Do people come and dump on us because they think we can help them, soothe them, calm them down? Do they even listen to us? Oh so many questions.

Being an empathic person at this time means that we have a shit ton of energy clearing to do, on ourselves, like our own. Everyone is so angry and uptight right now. We feel that shit. Is it any wonder we’d rather just stay in and hide? Thanx Merc.

I have often found myself stopping a toxic conversation before it got out of hand. Like when a group wants to start gossiping. I’ll have none of that. I try to stop it and if I can’t, I’ll just walk away. More people need to do this. Gossiping is for the weak.

Shield me please

I’m a bit of shield type person. If I know I am heading into toxic territory, I immediately call upon Archangel Michael to shield my energies and keep me safe. Help me from absorbing too much toxic energy. It works. I am super sensitive to energies so protecting my own energy is really important to me. If I happen to meet up with someone in my travels who is just spewing anger and hurt and pain and all that, I can be more loving and compassionate with them, without letting their energies weigh me down.

An empathic person needs to be careful during this wonderful Merc retro season. If you don’t prepare yourself for the high flying, erratic and supercharged energies, you’re gonna get sick. Plain and simple. You know what I mean. I hope if you are an empath, and know you are one, that you also know how to clear negative energy.

The signs Merc is sending

So let’s get back to the signs that merc is sending.

The signs that so many miss? Calm down. Slow down, Be patient. Take time out to smell the roses. Spend more time with things that feel like sunshine. Spend more time with people who feel like sunshine. Take deep breaths before you act or speak.

This is a time for introspection. This is a time to take a step back and see what’s going on in your life, what’s not working, where you need to be more patient (like almost everywhere really) and maybe be more mindful of the things that get to you that shouldn’t. Like what needs to go and what can stay.

This is a great time for all to look into their lives, check what works, do more of that, get rid of what doesn’t work, stay away from that and have more self love. Even an empathic person has to do that.

Merc Retro has a bad rap for a good reason. Shit does go wrong but remember, how you handle things makes all the difference in the world when going through this tough retrograde season.

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Lunar Eclipse 2018, Full Blood Moon and Retrogrades. Look Out!!

Oh….My…God. Hang on to your hats for the next few weeks. The energies are gonna be off the rails. Not only do we have the longest lunar eclipse 2018 and a full blood moon, but the day before the moon, Mercury goes retrograde. It will be joining 4 other planets during this retrograde season. If ever there was a time to practice how to chill the fuck out, now is it.

Lunar Eclipse 2018

So let’s talk about this fantastic lunar eclipse on the 27th first. This will be the longest lunar eclipse of the century lasting almost 2 hours however it won’t be seen everywhere in the world. Unfortunately, if you happen to live in North America you won’t see it at all unless you watch a live-stream from another country.

The one major concern with the lunar eclipse 2018 is the energy. Get ready for mass confusion, extreme energy shifts, possible hot tempers and complete breakdowns. Read statement above, learn how to chill out. Our first reaction often is to lash out when someone or something upsets us. Don’t do that this time. Take deep breaths and walk away. Quickly.

Full blood moon

The full moon of July happens on the 27th and gets its name blood moon from the lunar eclipse. If you are fortunate enough to watch the eclipse, you will see the reddish brownish blood colours. Now we all know that full moons are a time of releasing things that don’t serve us anymore, whether that be people, places, things or though patterns. Because there is so much ridiculous activity in the sky over the next few weeks, make sure you find lots of zen time just for you.

You will need lots of private quiet time to think things through, take stock of what or who is in your life that needs to go and it’s also a very good time to reflect on these things before making rash decisions.

Mercury Retrograde

Because there isn’t enough happening right now! The day before the lunar eclipse 2018 and the full moon, on the 26th good ole Merc goes retrograde and you know what that means. Miscommunications, delays, frustrations. upsets, things breaking down and if anything can go wrong, it probably will.

But all is not lost. There is good to be had with a retrograde as well. Remember, it’s a time to go within, take a step back, breathe deep and chill out. If you do these things, when shit goes wrong you’ll be more well equipped to handle it. Retrogrades aren’t all bad. Sometimes some things break down or break away to make room for something better to come into your life.

The biggest takeaway here is….

Understand that whatever is happening within or around you is happening for a reason. It is forcing you to take a look at some things in your life, what do you need to keep, what do you need to let go of, learn more about yourself and the people and things around you.

The energies are calling you to slow down and find time for some self love. It is when we do this that we are more able to see and recognize things and people for what/who they truly are. Some might be good, some not so good. Be prepared.

This is a crazy emotional time for us all. Patience, compassion and love will see us through.

Peace and Love


a self improvement guide, an ebook to help you, a self help ebook , a personal development course, a personal growth ebook
An ultimate self improvement guide

New Moon Rituals-Do These Every Month and Watch What Happens

I am so deeply in love with the full moon and the new moon. Honestly, I’m like a kid at Christmas time waiting for Santa’s arrival.These moons are a time of so much growth, hope, possibilities and surprise opportunities. They are also a time for reflection, my favourite part, to see what’s working and what’s not. What your next move should be and where you need to focus more. Also, the biggest one, what to let go of. This is where new moon rituals come in to play.

Do you feel the energy?

I’m really sensitive to energies, all energies, and while not many are, some of you may discover that during the new moon and full moon time, you feel slightly different. You may be super emotional or super pissed off. You may feel pensive or you may feel fully charged and ready to dominate the world.

Whatever the case may be, there are energies during this time and if you don’t pay attention to them, you may not handle them correctly. If your energy is angry and resilient, it is definitely a time for you to practice more patience, not lash out. (honestly, you can only blame so much on pms!)

It’s always helpful to do a little reading up on things like this so that you learn how to work with the energies, instead of against them. I try to spend at least a couple of hours a week chilling with Kindle, reading, learning and growing.

New moon rituals

So it should come as no surprise that I’m a new moon rituals kinda gal. I don’t even set my clock or an alarm. I know exactly what day the new moon falls on weeks before it gets here and wait in anticipation for it. This goes for the full moon too! (I’ll be blogging about my full moon rituals as well)

Now before we get into this ritual thing there is one thing you absolutely positively need to know. I can’t tell you how many times someone has referred to it as woo woo or witchcraft. Don’t be ridiculous. Do you think your vision board or mind map is woo woo or witchcraft? Of course you don’t. But it’s still a manifestation technique. A ritual you perform to bring about goodness in your life, yes?

There are a few definitions of ritual and while many do make reference to religion, this definition says it best:

Nowhere in there does it say witchcraft, woo woo or religion. See? We’re good to go! Let’s get started on our new moon rituals.

Let’s begin.

The night of the new moon, find a relaxing quiet place, away from distractions. Turn off your phone, noisy notifications on other devices, etc. You only need about half an hour to an hour (or really however long you are comfortable to meditate, write and zen out)

  1. Turn on some soft light meditative music (I find lots of great tracks on YouTube) get your favourite journalling book or a nice clean notepad and your favourite pen. You could always do this on your iPad/Phone or computer but I find it’s better without electronics and to do it the old fashioned way.
  2. Light some candles, scented or not, and/or some of your essential oils in a warmer.
  3. Sit quietly and meditate for about 10-15 minutes, calming yourself and getting into manifestation mode.
  4. When you’re done, write out 5-10 wishes you would like to manifest in the next month. Make it realistic and believable. Manifesting $1,000,000 in a month, though could happen, is highly unlikely. If you’re looking for a new job or perhaps a promotion is quite possible. Wishes like that.
  5. Feel each wish you write out. Feel the feelings you would feel when the wish comes true.
  6. Carefully tear the page out and fold it up nicely. Hold it in your hands for awhile while really feeling each wish you wrote out. Sit in this for awhile. I usually sit here for about 10 minutes with this. I go through each wish and visualize them. The feeling is really quite beautiful.
  7. Now take this page and place it under your mattress by your pillow. Leave it here until the next new moon.

(on a side note-I like to have my favourite crystals close by too-amethyst, rose quartz, moonstone)

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An ultimate self improvement guide

In a month

The day of the next new moon, take this page out and have a look at it. What manifested, what didn’t, what did you come really close to? Analyze it and see if maybe something just isn’t for you and you should manifest something better or different with the new moon for the following month.

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Peace and Love


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Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams is Easier Than You Think.

Ah we’ve heard it all before a million times. If you want to manifest the life of your dreams, it starts with you. And a million other things you need to be doing. We set intentions, we pray with all our might, we feel it, believe it and want it yet it still doesn’t come.

So what went wrong? What step did I miss? I did everything the gurus told me to do but still nothing happened. You probably didn’t do anything wrong but what all those gurus forget to tell you is that to manifest your heart’s desire takes more than just setting intentions with intense emotions.

Manifest now dammit!

First of all, remember the Universe not only has a funny sense of humour, it also knows what’s good for you and what’s not. If you’re trying to manifest your ex back, the Universe will probably fight you the whole way on that one. He/she is not good for you and is an ex for a reason. Time to let it go.

But what about other things like

So how do we manifest those? It’s easier than you think.

Stick with me here

I’m going to share a very profound statement with you and I want it to really really sink in.

Everything is energy, good or bad.

So what exactly does that mean? It means that not only you have energy but the things you own and the space you live in has energy too. And yes, good and bad. Now knowing this, and before we get into this, I want you to take a super quick inventory of your space and your belongings.

Do you like/love them? Do they make you happy? Are you holding on to things from the past that have dark or sad memories but you can’t bear to part with them?

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a self improvement guide, an ebook to help you, a self help ebook , a personal development course, a personal growth ebook
An ultimate self improvement guide

Are you following me now?

Think about a toxic person for example. Sally is someone you don’t like to be around, no one does. A black cloud hangs over her head 24/7. She’s toxic and miserable. You avoid Sally at all cost.

Now let’s take a look at that ugly picture you got from Aunt Betty 5 yrs ago (that was gifted to you by Uncle Jerry). She was your favourite Aunt and she’s dead now but fact of the matter is, that picture is ugly and you really don’t like it. Negative energy. Period. The fact that she’s dead adds even more negative energy to it. Why do you want to remember Aunt Betty with an ugly picture that you hate?

Get me now?

Your space, your things.

Let’s go back to why we can’t manifest all the things we want. Let’s also go back to energy is everything. When you realize that your space has negative energy things in it, you will then realize that in order to bring about more positive things in your life, you need to get rid of the negative things in your life. 

But there’s more (and the Feng Shui geek in me kicks in). Have a good look around, again, at your space. Is it clean, pretty, does it speak peace, love and harmony to you? Do you love coming home after a full day of work or does your home cause you more stress because it’s in chaos and disarray? Is your home office a jumbled up cluster fuck of papers, garbage, files, boxes and all other things that wreak havoc on you?

If you’re wondering why you can’t manifest the things you want, it’s time to take a deeper look into your personal space. There is so much more to manifesting than just writing out intentions and sending them out with the new moon or the Angels. If you don’t understand the simple and easy practice of Feng Shui, you just may never get the things you want. Trust me on this one.

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Peace and Love

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