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The Do’s and Don’ts of Hanging Mirrors-Powerful Stuff You Should Know!!

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Last Updated on 2 years by Iva Ursano

It’s Feng Shui time! I’ve recently just moved and was stuck with a wall mirror I couldn’t effectively place anywhere which is the catalyst for this week’s blog post.

Mirrors are a big thing in Feng Shui with powerful energy and if you don’t hang them in the right spot or get the right mirror, you’re doomed.

We’re going to discuss mirrors in this blog, the where, why and what and the fixes to make it right.

Mirrors are confusing for Feng Shui peeps because someone put a horrifying fear into them stating that if you place a wall mirror in the wrong spot, your whole life is going to Hell in a hand-basket and you will be doomed with bad luck until you move it or destroy it.

Ah, such is not the case. Not really, anyway. Let me clear the air a little bit for you.

I’m going to very simply break down the best and worst places for a mirror and when I’m done you can run around your house like a crazy person rearranging all your mirrors.

Before I start, make sure you have a Bagua Map you can refer to or at the very least know where your life areas are, otherwise this will all come out sounding Chinese (no pun intended).

The best and worst places for a wall mirror


In your career area but make sure it does not face the door. A lovely oval or round mirror is best here and make sure you can see your whole head.


At your front door facing out (like when you open the door coming into the house you are looking right at your mirror..bad bad bad). This placement forces all the energy right back out your door. You want fresh air and energy to enter your house.


In your foyer area, front door area, but facing away from the door. (see above). This is a great place to hang a wall mirror as it enlarges the space (if it happens to be a tad smallish) and gives the look of wide open spaces and prosperity.


At the end of a long hallway. No no no!! Why? Picture a never ending long tunnel that seems to go nowhere. You feel lost and scared and anxious. This is what that placement can do to you. Trust me on this one.


Any water area of the Bagua Map. The mirror is a lovely addition to the water areas. Make sure you keep them clean and free of scratches, chips, or cracks.


In the Fame or Love and Relationship Area (these are Fire areas, Water puts out Fire) Remember these areas need fire. If you do have a mirror in these areas make sure to balance out the energy with a good amount of fire.

And here are a just a few little tips for your mirror.

  • make sure you can see your whole head in the mirror
  • make sure it isn’t broken or cracked
  • do not have it facing you in bed in the bedroom
  • you can use it in a small room to make the room look bigger
  • try to stay away from those designer mirrors that have teeny little mirrors all around them or they are bezel (? I think that’s the right word) cut. You want to make sure you can see yourself clearly in the mirror.
  • keep mirrors out of Fire Areas but if you can’t, make sure they are not huge!
  • little decorative mirrors (candle holders, little pics with mirrored frames or any decorative piece like that) are fine anywhere.

Decorative wall mirrors

I’ve been in so many homes that have decorative wall mirrors and though that’s not a bad thing, you still need to follow the rules of mirrors. Even with these ones. Especially with these ones.

Many of them are bezel cut, or tiny little mirrors that stem out of a bigger mirror. You must still make sure that you can see your whole head clearly in this mirror.

Be very careful when buying mirrors either for yourself or as a gift for others. Mirrors have such powerful energy and if not placed or purchased properly, can cause a lot of damage, emotionally and financially.

Feng Shui mirrors

I just call them all Feng Shui  mirrors because of the power they hold and the energy they give off. If your Feng Shui mirror doesn’t feel or look right where it is, move it or remove it. Remember to never hang or keep anything that doesn’t feel right to you.

The biggest rule of thumb always is to love what you have and where it is.

Mirrors are certainly a beautiful, yet powerful, thing in Feng Shui. If you have a mirror and are concerned about where it is or where you should place it, I hope these tips helped clear some of the mystery for you. If not, leave a comment below or fire off an email to me.

I promise I’ll get back to you!

If you like these tips and know someone who would like them too, please share my blog. Thank you love you!!

Happy Feng Shui’ing.

Peace and Love!

Iva ♥

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  1. Hey Iva, thanks for the easy tips on where to place a mirror in a house. We just got a beautiful, large mirror (probably 9 ft tall by 5 ft wide) as a gift from a wedding store.

    We’ve read on your blog not to place it directly opposite our front door, but the best place we can find to place it is in the living room.

    Our living room is a 90 degree turn to the right side of our foyer and front entrance as you walk in. Were thinking of putting the mirror sitting on the ground since its too heavy to hang, and it will directly reflect the foyer area and the dining room across the foyer.

    It sounds like this is okay with the rules you set forth – I can see the front door when it swings open, but not the outside. How good/bad is this in feng shui?

    Any suggestions or critiques would be greatly appreciated.

    1. WOW!! That mirror sounds magnificent!! Congrats, I assume you just got married? :) So the mirror is a big water element. The place you mention sounds like a good enough place though it’s hard for me to visualize. As long as it is not in a “fire” area (sorry if that confuses you) which would be far back wall of your house from the front door. Good luck and shoot me off a message anytime you need help!


  2. Hi Iva,

    I just wanted to ask is it bad to hang a mirror that is cracked I have a beautiful Venetian mirror that has a crack in the middle of the oval shaped mirror should I just toss it or should I still keep it and put something or probably repair it? Pls help me?.. thank you.

    1. Hi Aurora. Ya, it’s bad :( why don’t you replace the mirror part? That would be the best thing to do short of tossing the mirror.

  3. Hi Iva, thank you for the tips on mirror placement!
    We have recently placed a mirror(42inX30in) in our foyer. Our house is north facing and when we enter the house the mirror is on the wall on the right/west(about 4ft from the entrance). From the main door I can see the mirror, but not my/outside reflection. Although when I’m in front of the mirror, I can see the reflection of a part of the main door. I’m still not clear about the rule… Is this placement correct? Any suggestion will be appreciated.. Thanks!

    1. Hey Rashmi. As long as the mirror does not directly face the outside, you’re ok!

  4. Hi Eva

    Thanxx for the suggestion u have penned here regarding placements of mirrors.
    I have three different sizes of round mirrors with wooden edging which I am planning to put in the right side of my foyer entrance area. Do you think is it a good place to put as per fengshui

    1. As long as they dont’ face the door they should be ok!

  5. Hello , so the fireplace is on the far back wall of our home and it faces the front door so would that mean that it’s bad to place a mirror above the fireplace ? It’s an older home built in the 70,s and it’s a large open rectangle shape. I have the fireplace area sectioned off with furniture and the what could be a formal dining area is a sitting area directly to the left of the front door with four wood beams that separate the front entrance. I’m not sure of the rules on this type floor plan …. thank you in advance for any suggestions !

    1. I would not hang a mirror here. The fireplace is a beautiful fire element appropriately placed and hanging a mirror would just put out the fire.

  6. Hi,
    Thank you for the post. I am just wondering if you could explain why it’s a bad idea to place a mirror facing you in bed? And where is the best place to hang a mirror in a small apartment bedroom? Unfortunately, my roommates and I all share one bathroom, so I will need to do most of my morning routine in my bedroom, and thus, need a mirror. Thanks!

    1. HI Jordyn. I grabbed this from Google as it explains it best > According to feng shui, if you aren’t sleeping well, a mirror in your bedroom could be the culprit. Mirrors are thought to bounce energy around the bedroom, which may result in restlessness and amplify worries. It’s especially important not to hang a mirror on the wall opposite your bed.

      I would suggest trying to keep the mirror not facing you while you are sleeping or if you can’t throw a blanket or something on it to cover it while you sleep.

  7. Thank you Eva. I have a big 7×4 feet mirror in my bedroom. But it’s not facing the bed. Shall I move it totally out of the room or it can still stay

    1. Whoa that’s a big mirror!! I think you’ll be ok :) So when you’re lying in bed you can’t see yourself at all?

  8. Hey, Iva! You have made some good pointers here! Keep it up!

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