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Lunar Eclipse 2018, Full Blood Moon and Retrogrades. Look Out!!

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Oh….My…God. Hang on to your hats for the next few weeks. The energies are gonna be off the rails. Not only do we have the longest lunar eclipse 2018 and a full blood moon, but the day before the moon, Mercury goes retrograde. It will be joining 4 other planets during this retrograde season. If ever there was a time to practice how to chill  out, now is it.

Lunar Eclipse 2018

So let’s talk about this fantastic lunar eclipse on the 27th first. This will be the longest lunar eclipse of the century lasting almost 2 hours however it won’t be seen everywhere in the world. Unfortunately, if you happen to live in North America you won’t see it at all unless you watch a live-stream from another country.

The one major concern with the lunar eclipse 2018 is the energy. Get ready for mass confusion, extreme energy shifts, possible hot tempers and complete breakdowns. Read statement above, learn how to chill out. Our first reaction often is to lash out when someone or something upsets us. Don’t do that this time. Take deep breaths and walk away. Quickly.

Full blood moon

The full moon of July happens on the 27th and gets its name blood moon from the lunar eclipse. If you are fortunate enough to watch the eclipse, you will see the reddish brownish blood colours. Now we all know that full moons are a time of releasing things that don’t serve us anymore, whether that be people, places, things or though patterns. Because there is so much ridiculous activity in the sky over the next few weeks, make sure you find lots of zen time just for you.

You will need lots of private quiet time to think things through, take stock of what or who is in your life that needs to go and it’s also a very good time to reflect on these things before making rash decisions.

Mercury Retrograde

Because there isn’t enough happening right now! The day before the lunar eclipse 2018 and the full moon, on the 26th good ole Merc goes retrograde and you know what that means. Miscommunications, delays, frustrations. upsets, things breaking down and if anything can go wrong, it probably will.

But all is not lost. There is good to be had with a retrograde as well. Remember, it’s a time to go within, take a step back, breathe deep and chill out. If you do these things, when things go wrong you’ll be more well equipped to handle it. Retrogrades aren’t all bad. Sometimes some things break down or break away to make room for something better to come into your life.

The biggest takeaway here is….

Understand that whatever is happening within or around you is happening for a reason. It is forcing you to take a look at some things in your life, what do you need to keep, what do you need to let go of, learn more about yourself and the people and things around you.

The energies are calling you to slow down and find time for some self love. It is when we do this that we are more able to see and recognize things and people for what/who they truly are. Some might be good, some not so good. Be prepared.

This is a crazy emotional time for us all. Patience, compassion and love will see us through.

Bartender I’ll have a glass of your best red please!

Peace and Love


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