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7 Powerful and Easy Tips For a Happy Life

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So many of us want to change, want a better and new life, a new job, maybe even a happier more loving relationship or friendships BUT we do nothing to achieve them. Well today we’re gonna change that and I’m going to share 7 powerful tips for a happy life.

Because you know you deserve a better life! But our thoughts and actions keep us stuck. 

You keep talking about how miserable your life is and how unhappy you are and how you wish things would change. Guess what? It’s up to YOU to do something about it. No one else can do that for you.

So…how bad do you want it? I mean, how bad do you REALLY WANT IT??

Right now you are here, reading this self improvement article so that tells me one thing: you are ready to change your life. I hope that’s what it means. If you’re truly unhappy I am glad you’re here and I hope my tips for a happy life are the catalyst for change for you. 

Turning my life around

Let’s first go back about 8 years. Iva (that’s me!) was miserable, cranky, broke, broken and hated every ounce of her being and life. 

I had hit rock bottom, left an abusive relationship and was in the worst place ever in my life. And I was 52 years old. You can read more about my colourful life in my About Me page here. 

It was bad. I’ll be honest, suicide crossed my mind many many times. I felt there was nothing left to live for. I felt like I was too old to make any changes and nothing was going to work anyway. 

And then one day something sparked inside of me. I can’t say exactly what it was or when it happened but I realized one thing: that I DID WANT TO CHANGE MY LIFE!!! I did want a new life and I was prepared to do whatever it took to be happy. 

Was it easy?  A lot easier than I thought it was going to be. Did it work? You better effin believe it. I’m the happiest now than I’ve ever been in my entire life and this is why I am excited to share these 7 tips for a happy life with you now. 

My hope is you read them, I mean really read them, apply them and then watch how your life changes! And then email me and tell me how ridiculously happy you are now that your life has changed. 

7 Tips for a happy life

It’s important to look at every area of your life and see what needs to change. Are there people you need to dump, relationships you need to end? Maybe it’s your job you hate or the town you live in. Whatever it is, make sure you sit down and honestly write out all the things in your life that need to change/go!

Before we get into the 7 tips for a happy life, I want you to take a minute to check out my signature life changing course “The 21 Day Challenge”.  While this self improvement article is fantastic and will help you on your path, my course is powerful and is so much more in-depth and intense than this. Not for the tire kickers that’s for sure!!

Now you’re not going to change your entire life in one sitting so pick one or maybe two things that you need to change/let go of asap. Like these things are totally ruining your life. Pick those things first. 

As you get good at this and feel more confident, you can make more changes!

1 Set a date

Pick a date, soon-ish, on the calender that works for you to start making changes in your life. Let’s say you have to quit smoking or cut out sugar in your life. Choose a date in the near future to start your changes.

On the calendar, write out “This is the day” or whatever phrase resonates with you.

2 Write it out

Write it out somewhere you are going to see it daily. It could be a million post it notes or a big white board. You might really like this article from my sister site Women Blazing Trails, about how to mind map.

You will look at this every day, several times a day. The more you see it, the more you feel it, desire it and believe it. The more you see it, also, the more it will be on the forefront of your mind and not just a little cloud bubble over your head anymore.

3 Prepare yourself mentally

You’ve picked a date, you’ve written it out, now I want you to mentally prepare for it. Talk to yourself about how it will feel when you’ve made this change or dumped this person or whatever. Start feeling the feels. 

Tell yourself you’re doing this, no matter what! And stick to it!

4 Do research

Is it going to take you a month of Sundays to achieve this? How hard is it going to be? Will it cost you all your savings and your first born child? Will it cost you nothing? Find out what it is required of you to make this change. 

If you truly and sincerely are serious about changing your life, you need to find out what’s involved and how badly you want it. If you want it very bad, you will do the work.

5 Start talking about your change

Tell your friends, your family, your coworkers, whoever will listen to you and whoever you feel comfortable enough to share it with. The more you talk about it, the more you are indirectly holding yourself responsible for getting into action.

These people are going to follow up and say “Hey Sally how’s that life change of yours coming along?”. It better be coming along well or you’re gonna look like nothing but a big dreamer with a loud voice. Show them you can do it and ARE DOING IT!!!

6 Meditate on it

I know meditation is hard for many people. You can check out this article here on how to meditate easily. I don’t need you to sit and zen out for 30 minutes a day BUT what I do want you to do is sit down somewhere quiet, chill the eff out, and think about the change you are about to make. 

The more you think about it and feel it and prepare yourself for it, when the day comes, you will be super ready to take it on!! And succeed!

7 Time to take action

It’s time! The day has come. 

  • you’ve researched,
  • you’ve written it out,
  • you prepared yourself mentally for it
  • you meditated on it
  • you’ve talked about 

It’s time to put it all together and take the leap. Get to it!!!

How bad do you want change in your life? How bad do you want a new life? It’s up to you to do the work. Nobody else is going to do that for you! Get to work!. You know what’s involved now. You have two choices from here on in, ditch it or do it. 

The choice is yours!

Your thoughts create your life

You can either keep thinking ‘my life sucks and I hate it’ OR you can follow the tips for a happy life and declare to yourself and the world ‘I am taking action to change my life’!!! It’s all up to you babe.

Did you know that every single thought you’ve ever had in your entire life has brought you to where you are today, right now, in your life? It’s a hard pill to swallow but it’s true. Your thoughts create your life. 

You can change your thoughts and change your life. 

How important is living a happy life to you? Seriously! How bad do you want it?

Have you checked out my super awesome self help eBook yet? From Hell to Happiness was written from my heart to yours and takes you step by step to living the life you deserve filled with powerful tools, tips and tricks. Click here for more info and to download your copy now!

Peace and Love!

Iva ♥


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