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Take This Game of Thrones Quiz To Find Out Who Your Lover Would Be

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Game of Thrones fans lemme hear ya scream “it’s over already??”. To be honest, I totally missed the last three seasons. I’ll have to hook up and buy the episodes. All good. If you are a die hard fan like I sort of am, there were a few characters in the show you either hated or fell in love with.

Like the true quiz warrior that I am, I found a fun quiz just for you! I  have to admit, this was by far, the silliest quiz I have ever taken. If I recall correctly there were less than 10 questions and a few of them were just off the wall and had nothing to do with a game of thrones.

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Have you read any of the Game of Throne books?

I used to be a book worm. I loved true crime, horror and fantasy and I’m sure if this series was out when I was a teenager, surely I would have read the whole series. If you like to read books as well as watch the shows/movies here’s a link to the entire season.

Game of Thrones booksI still may actually purchase the collection just to have and read at my leisure. That’s one thing I need to do is make more time to read fun things and not work so much. Grab your game of thrones books with my link and then you too can read them at your leisure!!

Anyway, let’s move on.

A Game of Thrones Quiz

So after taking this ridiculous quiz turns out my lover isn’t going to be Jason Momoa. Ask me how pissed I am. Go ahead, ask me. I swear that man is pure perfection. Right, my results….here they are.


Powerful, undyingly loyal, resourceful, and agile -The man known as Grey Worm is so much more than you think at first glance. Yes there are… certain things… or lack thereof… that might make you apprehensive about this gent – but as Missandei proved there are ways around ANY problem ;). This exotic yet charming warrior is fierce in life and battle – and so we’re guessing it translates in the bedroom? You tell us!

Ok so I never was a big fan of Grey Worm, I mean, he’s ok and all but not someone I would have chosen as a lover. Ah well. Better luck next time.

Who is your Game of Thrones lover?

Go ahead and take the quiz now to find out which character would be your lover. If you want, drop your results below so we can all see! BUT before you go, if you liked this quiz, why not check out a couple of the fan favourites while you’re at it?

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What Does Your Signature Say About Your Personality?

Thanx for playing and as always, don’t forget to hit that share button and get your friends to play too!!

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