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What does your signature say about your personality?

What Does Your Signature Say About Your Personality?

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This online personality test caught my eye and I had to take it. I find that these tests, the ones about your personality are really very accurate. I always wondered what my signature style said about me.

I have pretty pathetic handwriting to say the least so answering some of the questions was a tad difficult for me but I managed to pull it off and the results didn’t fail to amaze me.

I can remember back in elementary school when we were first learning how to hand write I had a hell of a time. I couldn’t quite find my style. I hated the way we were taught to write all the letters. They all looked ugly to me!

Was it like that for you too?

How much has your handwriting changed over the years? Mine has gone from pretty and feminine to doctor’s chicken scratch. For real!

Even my kid comments on my signature and my handwriting all the time. “Mommy what the hell does that say?” I would just laugh at him. “Oh come on you can read that can’t you?” Haha. Nope. No one can to be honest.

It’s that bad.

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My signature style

Now my signature itself? Oy. It’s got a life of its own. Again, how often have you changed yours to try to make it perfect, pretty or your own style?

Ya, me too. A bajillion times for sure! Right now you can’t even make out what the heck it is. Is that a name? Is that just a squiggly line? Haha!

Anyway, after taking this interesting personality test, these are my results:

Intelligent and Detail Oriented

Organized and knowledgeable, your signature reflects that you are a detail oriented perfectionist. It is small, however, your brain power is immense! You are highly self-motivated, but sometimes you are a bit hard on yourself.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself and show others how amazing you really are!

Your turn!

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Go ahead and take this interesting online personality quiz to find out what your signature style says about you! I’d love to see your results too so if you feel comfortable enough, drop your results down below. Tell us how accurate they were for you!

Don’t forget, if you loved this quiz, head on over to my quiz page and take a few more while you’re here.

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  1. This is signature results sum up my personality, except I didn’t know I was one who Loved attention. I love people so I guess it rings true. Thank you love your insight and site! Keep informing and inspiring ??

  2. Its always surprising when I get messages that I am a confident and self assured person but when I do take the time to see my true nature, it is so right! Sometimes I forget but when needed those character traits jump right out! Thnx for this fun quiz!

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