What’s Your Actual Birth Name? Take This Fun Quiz to See!

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Woot!! Quiz time again. You know I’m a sucker for a good quiz and I came across this one on a friend’s wall and thought I’d play and share with you guys. I have always wanted a way cooler name than I have now and I thought for sure this quiz was gonna give me one.

Well it did, kinda. Apparently my actual birth name is River. So, ok, that name is definitely way cooler than Iva but I was secretly hoping it was going to be Star.

Birth Name

You know, unfortunately, we don’t get to pick our names at birth. I secretly wish we had that super power while in the womb. I would have never chosen the name I have now. Ick. I worked with a girl named Star and I just loved saying her name and secretly was SO jealous she had that name. Oh how I wish my name was Star.

Is it just me or….do you feel like that sometimes too?

So, anyway, do the quiz, you know the routine, and drop your answer in the comments section below. I wanna see what other cool names there are in this quiz. If you had fun with this quiz, why not check out this one too!!

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  • I got the name River…”You are a free spirit who loves to travel, meet new people, and go on adventures. You are a child of the universe and you are truly one with nature. You are independent, daring, confident, and calm. And, you are always smiling. Just being around you will instantly cheer someone up!”
    Describes me to a tee!

    • Awesome, me too. I love that name and love the meaning behind it. SO totally me!!! xox Thanx for your comments Susan and glad you are enjoying the blogs 🙂

  • I also got River…. I’ve just listened to your video about the aftermath of Mothers and Fathers Days and I had to go check out your blog. I’m intrigued, Much of what you write is similar to me and my life, and I’ve been struggling with how to make change – sounds like you managed that very well and that gives me hope! Thank you!

    • Hi Mikki thanx for your comment. Wanting a better life takes a lot of work, especially when you are dealing with pain and hurt from the past. Anyone can do it though, really. Thanx for being here!

  • I got Tiffany! You are an outgoing, charismatic and lively person with lots of friends and a great sense of style! People are drawn to you wherever you go. You can be a bit stubborn at times but that’s only because you know what you want and you don’t let anyone get in your way.

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