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Pick a Door-Future Predictions Test-Amazing Results

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This isn’t so much a quiz as it is an analysis of sorts. There was another personality test/future test I did awhile ago about choosing a crystal but for the life of me I can’t find it. Stay tuned. I’ll find it one day. This great “pick a door” test has amazing future predictions. I truly love this one.

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Pick a door to reveal future predictions!

This test has been going around the web for years and is always a fan favourite. Go ahead and choose a door and then read the descriptions following. Don’t think too hard when you pick a door. Just pick the one that grabs your eye at first glance!

pick a door, future, personality test, results, myers briggs personality test, colours, accurate testPin

Here are the results for your future predictions! Remember to just pick one door!!

Go ahead and pick a door. Read below to see how accurate it is for you.

Door 1, your path is freeing

You are the type of person who needs a ton of space. You need the freedom to do things your own way, you prefer a path that you carve yourself, especially one with infinite possibilities and routes.

You don’t want to feel constrained and are highly independent, rebellious even, but you don’t like confrontation. You’re more likely to passively resist someone or something. You hate being rushed, and prefer to take the to  time savour life. You’re too busy enjoying life to draw attention to yourself (This was my choice).

Door 2, your path is private

You are the kind of person who prefers to travel alone. You like to observe, think, and sort out whatever is in your head. You prefer a path that’s fit for one. You can see others once you arrive at your destination, but you need your downtime first. You are very original and insightful.

You look at the world in a unique way, and others can benefit from your point of view. You are a bit of a loner, but you connect well with people when you take the time.You are very understanding.

Door 3, your path is colourful

You are a very engaging and engaged person. You love to be part of the world… you like to experience it all. Your ideal path is filled with colour, excitement and beauty. For you, it’s more about the journey than the destination.

You are curious and excited to learn more. You love to start conversations, and you ask lots of questions. You are intellectual and witty. You think of more zingers than you’d ever use, and you keep people laughing.

Door 4, your path is exciting!

You are always moving forward in life, often into the unknown. You just go for it and deal with the consequences later. Your ideal path is unpredictable and maybe a little scary. You are drawn to the unknown.

You can be a rule breaker, and you’re even somewhat careless. You have been known to act without thinking, but it usually all works out for you. You are very spontaneous and a major thrill seeker. You are going to make the most of the time you’ve been given on this planet!

Door 5, your path is welcoming

You are a peace-seeking low maintenance person. You are very content, and you don’t like to be bothered. Your ideal path is clear cut and enjoyable. You want to enjoy your trip and to know what you’re getting into.

You will often take the easy choice whenever possible. Life is hard enough, and you never want to make it harder on yourself, you are stable and supportive of those around you. You are known for your consistency and down to earth perspective.

Door 6, your path is quiet

You value solitude in all aspects of your life. You can spend large periods of time alone without feeling lonely. Your ideal path is one that is very still and quiet. You want to absorb everything around you without feeling overwhelmed.

You seek meaning in every aspect of life. You live your life very deliberately- both in action and in thought. You don’t like crowds, but you do like people. You value authentic relationships, and you prefer the depth of one on one interaction.

These predictions were so amazing!!!

Which door did you choose? Does it sort or resonate with you? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. This test was accurate, EXCEPT for the line that states that ” I like people “. Truth be told, i stay away from people as often as I can. I’m more like the SHY type.

  2. Omg!!!!! It’s absolutely true about me…. I don’t know how…. But it surpriseđ me….

  3. Hi, yes was exciting reading. Picked 6. As age think of more secret elevated bedroom behavior. Explore more. Want to learn more!

  4. I chose six. I love my alone time but enjoy people, too. I can also be shy and fight that at all costs, lol. Sometimes, I think I’m plain bipolar, lol. Great quiz and it’s accurate.

  5. I chose door number 6. It absolutely resonates with me and accurate for that matter. Thank you so much🙏

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