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who are you-emotion wheel color test

The Color Wheel of Emotions Quiz. Find Out Who You Are!

Oh how I loved this online quiz so much. I was excited to see it pop up this morning and couldn’t wait to do it. For those who know, colors play a huge role in our lives, not only aesthetically but emotionally as well. They speak to us, sometimes louder than words. I love the

take this mental age test now

What is Your Mental Age? Find Out Now With This Test

Another good one for the books. I love these types of quizzes where they guess your ages. This mental age test was no different and when I stumbled upon it I had to take it. I’ll be honest though, the questions were slightly odd and I wondered how some of my answers were going to

can you guess the lyrics to these popular songs

Can You Finish The Lyrics To These 10 Rock and Roll Songs?

Fun quiz time!! The title of this one caught my eye and I had to take it. I love music and seem to think I know most of the lyrics to the rock and roll songs I love and to about a trillion other songs. I gotta admit though, this was a tough test!! I

how to spot a liar

Can You Tell If Someone is Lying? Take This Quiz To Find Out.

We all lie. Or do we? Can you tell when someone is lying to you? There are many signs to tell, body language being one of them. The eyes also say a lot about people and if they are lying to you. I can usually spot a liar a million miles away. That could be

why do people fall in love with you-quiz

Why Do People Fall In Love With You?

Do you ever wonder why some people just instantly fall in love with you? Is your charismatic personality or maybe your eyes? I came across this interesting color test to find out why people fall in love with me. Not to say that they all do but I know I have some sort of warm

numerology life path test what are you born to do

This Numerology Test Will Reveal What You Were Born To Do

This numerology life path test was super fun, short and easy to do. I love numerology and everything that it stands for and means. Did you read my post about the Angel numbers 11:11? Check it out here before you do this quiz. It really reveals a lot about how numerology works in our lives.

love quiz-how far would you go for love

How Far Would You Go For Love?

I saw the title of this love quiz and if you know me, you know I love to share only the good ones with you but I also take them first to make sure I like them. This quiz was ok. Not my favourite but I did find the results kinda accurate. So how far

are you a highly sensitive person or an empath quiz

Are You An Empath or Just Too Sensitive?

When I came across this quiz to determine if I was an empath or just a highly sensitive person, I had to take it. I would like to think that I’m an empath. I think many people think that maybe they are just too sensitive when in fact they really are empaths or vice versa.

take a quiz to find out what kind of Angel you are

What Kind of Angel Are You?

It’s that time again. Time to take a quiz! Yippee. I can hear you cheering from here! So I was scouting Playbuzz looking for quizzes today and came across this one. I honestly had a hard time finding a good one today. Hopefully next week there will be more to choose from! So this one,

find the hidden animal

Can You Find the Hidden Animals?

Are you the hunter or the hunted? This was an extremely fascinating test and though I have to say the last two questions and images really hurt my eyes, I did manage to find the hidden animal. I think. Or at least I gave it my best shot. The last two images were very tough.


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