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love quiz-how far would you go for love

How Far Would You Go For Love?

I saw the title of this love quiz and if you know me, you know I love to share only the good ones with you but I also take them first to make sure I like them. This quiz was ok. Not my favourite but I did find the results kinda accurate. So how far

are you a highly sensitive person or an empath quiz

Are You An Empath or Just Too Sensitive?

When I came across this quiz to determine if I was an empath or just a highly sensitive person, I had to take it. I would like to think that I’m an empath. I think many people think that maybe they are just too sensitive when in fact they really are empaths or vice versa.

take a quiz to find out what kind of Angel you are

What Kind of Angel Are You?

It’s that time again. Time to take a quiz! Yippee. I can hear you cheering from here! So I was scouting Playbuzz looking for quizzes today and came across this one. I honestly had a hard time finding a good one today. Hopefully next week there will be more to choose from! So this one,

find the hidden animal

Can You Find the Hidden Animals?

Are you the hunter or the hunted? This was an extremely fascinating test and though I have to say the last two questions and images really hurt my eyes, I did manage to find the hidden animal. I think. Or at least I gave it my best shot. The last two images were very tough.

which stud should be your husband

Which Super Stud Should Be Your Super Husband?

Ok honestly this is just a silly fun quiz and the only reason why I took it was because Jason Momoa¬†(<< drool worthy link) was the main image. Hell-O!! To be honest, the questions truly were silly but every now and then it’s fun to have fun!! I have to be honest about one more

what does my name mean, take this quiz now

What Does Your Name Mean? Find Out Now!

Oh oh oh!!! When I saw this over in Playbuzz I just had to take it. You know I like to test out the quizzes before I share them with you and I loved this one. Please tell me, ‘what does my name mean’? I never did like my name and when I tell people

what is the movie title of your life

What is the Movie Title of Your Life?

Oh poop this one was just fun fun fun!!! I usually like to find and share somewhat serious ones but every now and then we really just need to let loose and have silly type fun. Like with this quiz. What is the Movie Title of Your Life. Oh!! I need to know now! I

which deadly sin do you have

Which 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins Are You?

Ok so this title totally intrigued me and I had to do this 7 deadly sins quiz. I actually hummed and hawed a wee bit first but decided to give it a try after all. Wow. Holy weirdness. There are only a few questions, thank God, so it didn’t take long but a couple of

can you pass this difficult psychology quiz?

Can You Pass This Difficult Psychology Quiz?

Quiz time! The word difficult in this psychology quiz caught my eye. Well how difficult can it be? Lemme tell ya. It was hard af. I think the last 3 questions I just hit any old answer. I had no clue. When in doubt choose C right? Needless to say, I barely passed and I’m


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