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What Is Your Power Colour?

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Colors are amazing and beautiful and full of life, yes? Unless of course you’re color blind in which case, I’m really sorry :(. Do you have a favourite color you tend to gravitate to or maybe even a color you don’t like that you stay completely away from? Do you also know that some colors can be our power color?

Yup. Pretty amazing huh?

For example, when I wear yellow I feel sunny and happy, but when I wear red I feel more confident and powerful (but not in an icky gross ego way). Next time you put on a dress or shirt or whatever, notice how the color makes you feel. You’ll be surprised.

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Power colors quiz

So in my quest to find you fun and interesting quizzes I stumbled upon this power color quiz. I was a little leery at first because lately when I’ve been sniffing around for quizzes they are mostly crap with ridiculous questions and results so I had my doubts about this one. After going through it I realized that it in fact was a good one and one I had to share with you all.

After taking this fun quiz, below are my results:

My results

Purple, as your power color, represents wisdom, luxury, and dignity. Famous throughout history as the color of many royal families, empires, and dynasties – Purple embodies your innate regal nature and ability to succeed despite all odds. Arrogance is the wrong word to describe the confidence this color instills within you, as you are not one to flaunt your success over others.

You’ve been through hell and back, and know what it is like to be on the bottom of the rung, which either will or has given you a much better appreciation of luxury – and an innate sense of accomplishment. Whether wearing purple as a sign of your own dignity or choosing to adorn your living quarters with this regal color.

Purple is your power color, and will allow you to reach the heights you dream of.

Now I have to admit, I was kind of surprised by this because purple really is one of my favourite colors and I wish I owned more purple things but I don’t. I should though.

What is your power color?

Go ahead and take this color quiz to find out what your power color is. Comment below to tell us what it is! If you liked this quiz you might also like these personality quizzes:

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As always, thanx for playing and visiting my site!

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  1. I received the colour orange. Creativity is something that I enjoy much like these quizzes.

    Your Power Color is: Orange

    Orange, as your power color, embodies creativity, intricate thinking, imagination, and innovation. Not a common power color, Orange directly reflects your unique perspective of the world and the people within it. Uniquely adept at reading the emotions and talents of others – you are a wonderful judge of character, and in turn a terrific teacher to others who need it most. Your imagination (and as a result, your creativity as well) knows no bounds. Orange is a striking, vibrant shade of our visible spectrum, one that has come to represent illuminated individuals such as yourself – and also happens to be a favorite color of many famous painters. Whether you choose to create works of art swirled with warm shades of amber and orange, wear it as a statement color, or feel it in the sunshine on a warm summer day – Orange is your power color, and in turn will be your muse.

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