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This Tarot Card Quiz Will Reveal How You Will Meet Your Soulmate

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Oh this was the be all to end all of all quizzes. Ok maybe not but this one was super fun to do! When I stumbled upon this tarot card quiz I jumped all over it.

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Tarot card reading

I love tarot cards even though my mother was sure they were the work of the devil and we were told to never use them. Sorry mom. I often sit and watch hours of YouTube videos from online tarot card readers to get my forecast for the week.

True story.

Do I believe any of them? Some of them I feel hold a lot of truth and accuracy to them. Some of them seem to be speaking my name. I’m not sure I believe all that I hear from a tarot card reading but so much of it just speaks to me.

Hard to not believe some of it.

Tarot card quiz

So this tarot card quiz was fast and simple. 9 questions and they were all “choose a tarot card” so it was kinda fun too. I took some time looking through the cards before I chose one for each question.

Don’t rush through. Make sure you pick the tarot card that really speaks to and resonates with you. That’s what I did and this is my result:

You will meet your soulmate at a big event!

Whether it’s at a wedding, a birthday party, or yikes, even a funeral. You will meet your soulmate at a big gathering, an event of sorts. So when you accept the invitation, do it with an open mind. You will never know what will happen.

Now to be perfectly honest, I kinda believe that will happen.

Your turn!

Take the tarot card quiz, have fun, keep an open mind and as always, share it out with your friends!!

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Don’t forget to drop your results below in the comments section too!

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  1. When will I meet my soulmate or have I already met and lost them?

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