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How Perceptive Are You Based on These Images?

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Oh you know how much I love quizzes and tests. This one was awesome. I like doing these image test where you have to carefully check out objects and put your brain into overdrive.

My brain is in a fog most days with my nose stuck in learning mode watching YouTube videos and reading blogs til my eyes bleed. This test was a mindscape for me really. This brain test was to check your perception skills.

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Brain Test-how perceptive are you?

So it turns out my perception skills go beyond the human eye. Odd. Does that mean I see things most people don’t? Who knows? I have a very colourful imagination and I also always look for beauty and light in things before I see dark and ugly.

Does that matter? I guess it does.

I think I’m very perceptive when it comes to people rather than objects and things. I notice all kinds of things about people that most others won’t. I’m also very intuitive when it comes to their energy, thoughts, and feelings. It’s kinda weird actually.

Take the test now

Go ahead and take this awesome brain test and see how your brain operates. What does it see first? How perceptive are you?

You may want to stop and really analyze some of the photos but I advise against it. Just go with the first thing you see without guessing too much. Remember it’s all about your perception.

Do you consider yourself a perceptive person overall? The results of this test may surprise you. Drop your comments below if you feel the urge to share. If you liked this quiz, you may also like this one too!!

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  1. Thats funny because my animal guide and cherokee horoscope sign is a wolf.

    1. Hey thanx for your comment Min. So this is a good thing? :o

  2. I am the Wolf….. AWooooL !! LoL
    Your eyesight is extremely detailed.
    When you look at a certain picture, place, or object, you don’t get lost in the overall vision. Instead, you start with examining all the small details. You look at the blind spots, the color shades, and the movement of the objects. That helps you focus on the overall situation, in order to plan your actions accordingly.
    In the animal kingdom, that’s exactly what makes you the predator instead of the prey.

    1. Hahaha Eileen. Does it describe you well? :)

  3. Wolf.
    And that is also my favorite animal. Got them all over my bedroom.

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