Take this colour quiz to find out what trait people love most about youPin

Take This Color Quiz to Find Out What Trait People Love About You

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Well this was a fun, short and sweet quiz. When I’m looking for quizzes I try to make sure they don’t have a million questions and this colour quiz I think only had less than 10? Perfect!

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Colour quiz determines what you love about me?

Well yes and no. You always have to keep in mind these quizzes, though are solely for entertainment purposes, have a little bit of accuracy to them. Coincidence? I think not.

If you answer the questions honestly the results may just surprise you.

I tried not to overthink this colour quiz and pick the best options for each question and this is what I came up with:

My results

The trait that people admire most in you is…your fun-loving personality

The best part of you is your positive, uplifting attitude. People like being around you because you’re kind, generous and just straight up fun!

So I gotta tell you, that’s pretty darn accurate if I must say so myself. I definitely am a fun loving girl and people actually do love that about me.

What do you think?

So before you even take this colour quiz, what do you think is the one trait that you have that people love about you? Are you kind, generous, patient, funny?

Ok so now take the test and see if the results match up with what you think the answer should be.

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