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How Does Your Soul Energy Affect Other People? Find Out Now

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Have you ever wondered how your soul energy affects other people? I often wonder that. I wonder if they feel my divine energy or if they are too closed off to feel it. I am definitely an empath and a very spiritual person. I’m not saying this to boost my own ego or anything, it’s just who I am. I believe that I have very soft and loving energy.

But I wonder if people feel that too.

How do you feel about your energy and what people get from it or how it affects them?

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Your soul energy and how it affects others

I truly believe that energy is everything and everything is and has energy. Every single thing on the planet. Especially people. Do you ever walk into a room and get an icky feeling in your belly from someone you just met? That’s intuition, which I also like to call your spidey senses. They know. They feel it.

But what about your soul energy? How does it feel to others?

I found this really short and simple soul energy quiz to find out exactly how my energy affects others and to be honest, I was impressed. The results for me were spot on. The quiz only has 5 or 6 questions, easy to answer, though I have to admit one question kinda threw me for a loop and I’m not sure how they got the results they did from it but whatever.

It nailed me, and my soul energy.

Here are my results:

The Stillness

The Stillness is a gentle calming soul that counter-balances impulsiveness and destruction. Your soul emits a message of patience and peace which ripples through the people and animals in your presence. Your energy positively influences those who would otherwise make hasty decisions and throw a group into chaos.

When you are with loved ones, an immediate calm settles in them and they look to you for your deep spirituality. Do you feel that your soul’s presence is The Stillness?

Yup I sure do!!

Energy healing

Do you feel your soul is energy healing? Or life sucking? Mine is definitely energy healing and there are plenty of people out there who also have that type of soul energy. Do you know someone like that?

If you do, you should spend more time with them. Be with them more and feed off their energy. It’s not selfish or greedy, it’s therapeutic and and so healing. And trust me when I say they won’t mind. I love when my divine energy can help others heal. It makes me feel really good!!

You might also really like this awesome little book on energy healing! Click the link to learn more about how you can use your divine energy to help heal yourself and others around you! (this is an affiliate link so if you make a purchase I may make a small commission)

So how does your soul energy affect others?

Take this simple and short quiz to find out now. If you feel comfortable, drop your results below! Before you go, if you really liked this quiz you might also like these ones. They are fan favourites and have gone viral on Pinterest quite a few times!

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  1. I got the Embrace! I really feel that this is me ?!

  2. The Stillness – This describes me now more than it did when I was younger. I’m all about calmness and peace whereas when I was younger, I was most likely too perky and talkative to instill calmness in anyone. Lol.

    1. Same here. I like to call it “learning to keep my mouth shut.”

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