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Full Moon in August. Creativity, Romance and Dreams.

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Are you ready for the energies that are gonna come flying your way with this month’s full moon on August 26th? It’s all about love, romance, creativity and dreaming. Sounds like an action packed powerhouse month ahead. Buckle up boys and girls!!

You know how much I love the full moon and the energy that comes with them. If you missed my post a couple of months ago about full moon water and full moon rituals you can catch them here.

Full moon rituals.

Full moon water!

I do the full moon rituals each month but two months ago I discovered full moon water and tried it. Oh Em Gee!!! If you have never done this before you have GOT to do it! The results will blow your mind! I swear!

Pisces full moon

So the full moon this month is in the watery sign of Pisces. If you know anything about this sign, they are dreamers, creative types and oh so sensitive. They are also really romantic. They love love and being in love. No matter what.

This month you may feel like your head will be in the clouds. That’s ok. Go ahead and dream!! But with dreaming there comes a time when you will need to take action. Don’t forget to do that too. Have you been feeling lost in or out of love lately? My first and most important piece of advice is always, love yourself first, the rest will fall into place.

Creativity abounds

Have your creative juices hit a dam lately? Are you not feeling so inspired or motivated to create anything these days? That will soon change. This full moon and these beautiful energies are encouraging you to get creative again. Want to paint? Start painting?Are you a writer? Get at it.

Creativity isn’t just in arts and your talents but also with yourself and your time. Thinking about a new hair style? Now’s the time to get it! Have you been stagnating lately and want more adventure? Want to do more exciting things? Get out there and do them.

Careful though

With all this love and creativity flowing watch your emotions. You may also start feeling hyper sensitive under the energy of this full moon. Don’t take things too personally this month and make sure you take time to honor your sensitive side too. It’s ok to be sensitive.

On the flip side of that though you should be open minded to other people’s feelings as well. The heart speaks volumes and has lots to say for those who are willing to receive the message. Don’t hide your feelings and don’t ignore others who are trying to express theirs as well.

This month is all about sensitivity, creativity and love. Be open to all of it and make sure you write your dreams out on paper so you can work towards actualizing them.

Happy full mooning! (oh!)

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