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Full Moon in December-Pleasant Surprises and Happier Times Ahead

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So was it just me or did it seem like this whole year just kicked everyone in the butt? So many ups and downs but more downs than ups. We spent the year learning, growing, crying and mostly being frustrated that things just weren’t working out. Good news for you. It’s all coming to an end. Not just the crap year but all the troubles too.

And is there any better way to welcome it all in than with the final full moon of the year? Yippee. The full moon falls on Saturday December 22nd and it’s in the sign of Cancer. Now if you know anything about this sign (or if you don’t I’m about to tell you) they are creative, loving, spontaneous and faithful. They are also very emotional and rely on their intuition to make decisions.

So what should that all mean to you and how does it come into play with the good news and exciting things heading our way?

So what does this all mean?

Pay attention to the words creative, spontaneous and intuition. When we start following our hearts instead of our heads good things follow. You may not believe this or may be too afraid but trust me, you need to do this. When we open up to new and exciting things guess what happens? New and exciting things show up for us.

If you are a creative type person, try new things. The good news is, when we do that, not only do we step out of our comfort zones but it gives us an opportunity to meet new people, make new connections either personally or professionally and we have a heck of a lot more fun!! You will be in for some pleasant surprises when you step out of your zone.

Good news this month!!

So when does the good news happen? When we open up to changing new things and trying new things. Let go of the dirt from this year, the limiting beliefs, the feeling of defeat and failure (not an eff word I like to use) and be ready to allow in more of the good stuff. Abundance, joy, surprises, maybe even new love (oh!!)

The good news happens and shows up for you the moment you decide you deserve it!! This also is a month full of Christmas celebrations, events, parties and social gatherings. Go to them. Don’t decline invitations. You never know who you will meet.

Remember the more we step out of our comfort zone to do and try new things, that’s when and where the magic really happens.

Could love be in the air?

Good question and good news. It could be if you chill out a little and let love in. Are you still chained to your ex with bitter memories. Time to release all old thought behaviour patterns and click that refresh button. Dump negative thoughts of any kind and start replacing them with thoughts like “my dream partner is on his/her way”. I know that the person who I truly deserve is just around the corner. He/she is coming soon!!

Remember 2018 sucked pretty hard so we certainly don’t want to end this year on more negative thoughts. Get rid of all toxic thoughts and let’s start 2019 fresh!!

Let’s look back

I know you really don’t want to but let’s take a minute and see what happened in 2018 and what didn’t happen that we wanted to happen. Did you fall short or fall hard? Could it be that some dreams might not be right for you or maybe the Universe has something in better in mind for you?

Look at what is working, what needs more work and what needs to be let go of. Put on your thinking cap and get creative (in true Cancer style). Listen to and follow your heart more. It knows.

Is there something you didn’t get done this year that you had high hopes for. Good news!! This full moon urges you to get back to it and will fully support your path and determination. Trust the process.

If you don’t already have one, get a yearly planner and start writing out your goals. I’m a huge mind mapping fan so if that works better for you, then do that instead! You can learn more about mind mapping here. 

Full moon ritual and full moon water.

If you read some of my other blogs on the full moon, you know that I not only love love love the full moon and its energies  I also am a huge fan of full moon rituals and lately, full moon water.

Here is the link for the Full Moon Rituals. Why and How to do Them.

I just discovered full moon water back in June of this year and this totally blows my mind. If you have never heard of it or even tried it, please take a minute to check out this blog, read about it and make it! You will be glad you did.

Full Moon Water. The Powerful Effects of Moon Water. 

And please don’t forget to share this with your peeps! :)

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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