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are you a highly sensitive person or an empath quiz

Are You An Empath or Just Too Sensitive?

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When I came across this quiz to determine if I was an empath or just a highly sensitive person, I had to take it. I would like to think that I’m an empath. I think many people think that maybe they are just too sensitive when in fact they really are empaths or vice versa.

The difference between a highly sensitive person and an empath

To keep this explanation really simple, the highly sensitive person feels his or her own emotions in reflection to someone else if they are sad or angry. An empath feels the other person’s emotions as well as theirs.

They almost absorb, if you will, the other person’s energy.

That’s really just a very brief explanation but you can Google a deeper one. I’m just trying to keep this short and sweet.

I’ve always considered myself an empath as I can feel a person’s emotions literally as soon as I walk in the room or meet them. Some people are harder to read than others but 9 times out of 10, I can definitely feel it. Some say this is a gift, others think it’s a curse.

I honestly think it’s a gift.

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Am I an empath or a highly sensitive person?

Well after taking this extremely short and simple quiz, here are my results:

You are…just sensitive.

You aren’t actually feeling other people’s emotions when you’re getting overwhelmed. Those are YOUR feelings. When you see other people get upset, you can’t help but get upset as well.

Meh. I beg to differ and I imagine if I took the quiz again I would probably get a different result. Nonetheless, it was an interesting quiz.

Are you sensitive or an empath?

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Your turn to take this quiz. I honestly had a hard time with the last question. It was an answer I really didn’t know so I had to guess. Maybe you know yours. Go ahead and find out what you are and drop your results below and tell us if this was accurate for you.

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