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How To Motivate Yourself First Thing in the Morning

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It can be pretty tough to wake up in the morning motivated. Especially on the days you really just want to lay in bed all day, in silence. You don’t want to hear any noise because you want quiet. You want to be left alone to just lay in bed, and stay there. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, yet you are listless. Sometimes it’s easier to just stay in bed. Your mind is filled with negative thoughts.

Sound familiar?

It does all to well with me. 

I was filled with negative thoughts

After my firstborn, I experienced a ton of sadness and depression. Negative thoughts clouded my mind constantly. I was not feeling productive and I felt very antisocial. I had goals, I just did nothing to try to get there. If I did it wasn’t consistent at all. I’d try once and give up right after. I can see how this frustrated my loved ones.

I didn’t want to go hangout with my friends and my crying baby girl. Not just because of the impatient looks I received, but because I felt too flustered and had zero confidence. I didn’t want to leave her side either. I just wanted to protect my baby in an imaginary bubble to keep her safe and stay in bed most days.

  • Is this healthy?
  • Is this productive?
  • Could I be doing better? 
  • Am I unhappy because I am choosing to lay in bed and scroll on social media?

I asked myself these questions frequently. The questions were answered by negative thoughts.

I was feeling unhappy a lot of the times

I wish I could have stepped in and shaken myself by the shoulders and said, “YES! You ARE unhappy because you’re drowning in that mindset. That mindset that laying in bed is better than actually living your life!” I know why you pick laying in bed with negative thoughts over getting up with a positive outlook on your day, because I used to do this so often for many years.

Laying in bed is much easier than confronting the issues at hand. It’s easier to hide behind the real issues and pretend there is no solution. There is ALWAYS a solution.

Is laying in bed better than going on a walk outside enjoying the beautiful sunshine? Doubtful.

Is laying in bed better than being present with the people you LOVE and who LOVE you?

Is laying in bed feeling down going to help you reach ANY of the goals you set out for yourself?

I don’t think so.

It’s so much harder to actually DO when you’re stuck in that funk, and would rather crawl under the covers and watch the day pass you by.

How to motivate yourself and erase negative thoughts

Do yourself the favor.

Get up. 

Get up because there is so much more to see and do that you haven’t done yet. There is so much to explore and see that you haven’t seen yet.

Get dressed and ready for what this new day will bring. Every day is a gift with something new in it.

Staying in bed for multiple days in a row, not going anywhere won’t GET you anywhere. You’ll stay in the same place you’ve always been in and won’t see progress. You have to clear the negative thoughts and replace them with happier ones.

Is there an important person in your life? Husband, wife, son, daughter, work colleague, parent or friend? Or maybe all of the above? 

Sometimes, they need help too.

Sometimes they’ll need YOU. Isolating yourself from them won’t help them and they ARE counting on you to be there for them. To help them with their problem at hand. They’re looking around, yet you’re nowhere to be found. Because you CHOSE to not be found.

Whenever I’m feeling unhappy or out of sorts, my kids are my number one motivation. Why? Because THEY need me and I NEED to get up. If I show them I’m choosing staying in a room for hours over them, they could possibly learn this from watching me.

That’s scary. What parent wants that for their child? I know I don’t. I always want them to be better than me and accomplish more than what I could. Children are very observant. They pick up everything. One day they could do the very same in their future households. I don’t want that for them.

Practice self motivation

I need to turn on the coffee pot and clean this house. It’s not that dirty but a cleaner house for me means a cleaner mindset. I need to mentally prepare myself for the day and try my best to have a positive attitude. I want them to see I try. For them, I need to be the best me I can possibly be. Because I love myself and care about myself. Because I love them and I want them to be happy. I want the best for me and the best for them.

Wake up in the morning and declare…

I’ve got this. I CAN do this. I know I can.

You know what you need to do. Go live your best life. Don’t let those negative thoughts win. Don’t let them take over your day or consume you and trap you in bed for yet another moment. That’s not fair. It’s time to put your happiness and YOU first today.

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