5 Things To Do To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone and Be Happy

why you need to step out of your comfort zone

Be sure to read the important update at the end of this post. It will blow your mind. This girl took her comfort zone and threw it in the garbage. Find out how to get out of your comfort zone too and see what happened to me! This post was written in 2015. My son […]

Blocked Chakra Test-Which One is Blocked?

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I recently just started learning about Chakras, what they are, how they work and how to tell which Chakra is blocked. I also discovered how to clear them. I never fully understood the importance until I started practicing clearing them. I often feel my solar plexus is blocked but this quiz revealed something different. I […]

Alone For Christmas? 7 Ways to Have Fun By Yourself

how to avoid Christmas depression

Ah, it’s holiday time. Yippee yahoo. For many, it’s fun and family and feasts. And then there’s the rest of us who are alone for Christmas. Some don’t mind it, some find it very difficult. My first Christmas alone was 2015. I had just moved to Guatemala and really had no friends. I definitely had […]

The Power of Self Talk and 4 Things You Should Tell Yourself

love yourself post it notes-self talk

You know, I’m a firm believer in talking to yourself. Me, myself and I have brilliant conversations all day long. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I talk to other people a lot throughout my day too but I really enjoy talking to myself. I believe in the power of self talk. My inner talk used […]

How to Make a Career Change (at any age!)

woman thinking of career change

It was a normal day like any other. Go to work, cut hair all day, laugh with my coworkers, go home, fire up my comp and poof. There it was. The email that changed my entire existence. I was in shock. I was excited. I was on cloud 9. I couldn’t believe this was finally […]

How to Move On and Let Go of Trauma From Your Past

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So easy to say. Move on. Let go. Forgive and Forget. If it were easy to do we’d all be doing it. But it’s not. We’re going to talk about how to move on in this article. People tell us to do it all the time like it’s nothing. It’s nothing, right? Ah, he/she/they didn’t […]

How To Change Your Life in Just a Few Simple Steps

How to change your life in a few simple steps

I appear to be a bit of a brave bad*** to a lot of people and for the most part, I guess I kinda am. After years of abusive relationships, financial struggles and the constant battling within myself to find out who Iva is, and what she wants, I am finally living life on my […]

5 Fun Steps To Overcome Sadness So You Can Be Happy Again!

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Let’s face it. Life can sometimes suck and not everything goes according to plan. That’s why I think planning can be slightly overrated. Anyway. When we are dealing with tough circumstances or feel like we have failed at something and nothing is going right, there is no one to depend on but yourself to see […]

How To Motivate Yourself First Thing in the Morning

how to fight off negative thoughts and be happy

It can be pretty tough to wake up in the morning motivated. Especially on the days you really just want to lay in bed all day, in silence. You don’t want to hear any noise because you want quiet. You want to be left alone to just lay in bed, and stay there. The sun is shining, the birds […]

How the Fear of Death Can Keep You From Living

is the fear of death keeping you from living

Raise your hand if you have a fear of death. Come on, let’s see those hands. I for one used to be that person. The thought of dying paralyzed me in fear.There were so many things I actually avoided doing because well, what if I die? But let’s get real here. None of us know […]