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5 Inspirational People Who Changed My Life Forever!

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Last Updated on 1 year by Iva Ursano

People come and go. Some friends stay and some fade away into the sunset. Everyone comes into our lives for a reason. Lessons, right? They are our teachers. Sometimes the student is ready, sometimes we don’t get the lesson until long after they are gone. I honestly believe that we change just a little with every person we meet. These 5 inspirational people had a huge impact on me and changed my life forever.

Some of the inspirational people are actually still in my life. I continue to learn and grow from these guys. I love these peeps with all that I am. Some are…well let me just rhyme off who they are.

In no particular order from most impact to my favorite, here are my inspirational people.

The 5 inspirational people who changed my life forever.

My Parents (they count as one)


…and not for the reasons you might think. Most people’s parents had a loving, encouraging, and supportive impact on their lives. Not mine. Nope, not even close. I probably had one of the worst childhoods ever with trauma ranging from severe physical abuse to absolutely no love or compassion whatsoever. Nudda.

So how did they change my life then? Because of them, I learned to love with all my might. I learned to forgive. I learned compassion. I learned to be super strong so that I could be the best parent ever to walk the earth. They showed me how to not be anything like them. Because of them, I am the strong, loving, caring, and forgiving person that I am today.

Les Brown

Les BrownPin

“You gotta be hungry!!” Oh hell yes Les Brown, I sure as hell am hungry! Hungry for a better life than I’ve ever had. Hungry for a new improved version of me. Hungry to bust out of the crap life I once lived into a beautiful life of peace and freedom.

Oh, how I loved to listen to Les. I listened to him daily while I was getting ready to go to a job I hated. He assured me that I was the one! He was my idol, my inspiration, and my motivation.

He inspired me to not only be my best but to ignore what others thought and said about me. It’s not about them. This life is about me. We ALL have greatness in us. Why, yes, yes we do.

My Son

baby, sonPin

Ever loving, ever accepting and forgiving. Always there when I need him but most importantly, always encouraged me to be free. “Get out of Sudbury mom, it’s a cesspool (it kinda is but kinda isn’t). I watch him travel and be free and I admire and adore him for the life he has now. He has inspired me to break free and embrace change and travel.

My son is the one I face fear because of. He is the one I push the limits for. He is the one who keeps me alive because without him I doubt I’d still be here. He is the one that makes my life worth living. I strive for a better version of myself so he can be proud of his mom. The bond we have will last into the afterlife. That I am certain of.

Steven Aitchison

Steven AitchisonPin

If it wasn’t for Steven I most certainly wouldn’t be where I am today. He is the one who took a chance on me as I was starting out my freelance blogging career (which I might add was new and scary territory for this hairstylist from a small city in Northern Ontario). He is the one who stood by me and helped me make the transition from hairstylist to full-time freelancer.

I continue to evolve and grow because of him. I push myself to the next level because of him. I promised myself to show him I got it in me to do great things; to believe in myself as much as he believes in me. I still work for him, though I know one day I will bust out on my own and be the solo entrepreneur, world, and game changer that I am here to be, and I will be able to look back and say to him “I am who I am now because of you”.

Esther Hicks (Abraham)

Esther HicksPin

I discovered her years ago but wasn’t ready to listen (remember the whole “when the student is a ready thing?”). I rediscovered her this past year and my mind was blown wide open. She taught me that everything I need is inside of me already. Who knew? I sit and listen to rampages for hours on end.

She speaks right to my heart and soul. She tells me that happiness is an inside job and that everything I want if I feel good, I can have. She taught me to learn how to recognize feelings inside of me and to keep only the good ones. She has taught me more in the past year than I have learned in my whole life (well, almost). I can now turn off yucky feelings and switch to happier ones. :)

There are a few other inspirational people who have had big impacts on my life. My best friend in the whole wide world, Jennifer, for example, is another one. She’s my therapist, my confidante, my soul sister. There are a few of my online entrepreneur friends that I adore with all my heart and they have helped me to grow as well.

Those inspirational people who have had an impact on your life, love them hard. Good or bad. They have changed you in ways that no one else could have.

Hey Les, thanx buddy. I am the one! Cheers!!

Peace and Love


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  1. Iva, wow!!!

    Your tenacity and determination is inspiring and the growth in confidence to fly solo has been amazing to watch as well.

    You are an amazing soul on a mission Iva, and I am happy if I had some small part in your growth as a solopreneur.

    I’m struggling for words actually as i was taken aback to see my name there :)


    1. Hey Steven you know I tell you this all the time. YOU played such a huge role in my life and I will be forever and eternally grateful to you. Glad you enjoyed the blog and I’m so thrilled you are a part of my journey!

      much love
      xo iva xo

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