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This Mind Quiz Will Reveal What You Need To Change

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Last Updated on 2 years by Iva Ursano

Ready to change your mind? I loved this quiz. You guys know I try to sniff out the best ones for you. Sometimes I succeed, other times, well, you just don’t like ’em. That’s ok.

I really think you guys are gonna love this mind quiz though. We all have thoughts that keep us from living a happy life. We also know that we are in full control of our thoughts yet we still allow our thoughts to control us. So what is the one thing you should change about your mind right now?

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Mind quiz

So this mind quiz was all about choosing images and to be perfectly honest, some of them had me kinda scared. After going through the creepy pics, these were my results. I’m so not surprised by them though.


You sometimes feel overwhelmed by fear and this is what you need to get rid off. Fear can lead to many insecurities and will halt you from doing many things that you really want to do. Try facing your fears and confronting your demons this year. We know it will be scary but this is what you need to change to get to that better place.

Yup turns out I need to face and flick more fears. Go figure!! :/

Are you ready to change your mind or find out what you need to change?

Go ahead and take this mind quiz to see which one of your limiting beliefs you need to change. Well, when you think about it, we should just ditch all limiting beliefs but which one is crippling you? I better work on mine. Drop your results below if you wish so we can see what the other things were!

If you liked this quiz don’t forget to head over to the quizzes page on the site and take some more. Don’t forget to check out my self help guide too!! It’s on sale right now!

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  1. I need another option in the 2nd question with moon and spikey mountains saying in to the unknoooooown

  2. The left at sea scaring you question offered no possibility of being good with that choice. Finally an escape from all who take advantage sounds heavenly. Not a positive answer to choose.

  3. Yes in so many questions there is nothing positive to choose

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