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This Yes or No Quiz Will Reveal What You’re Most Confident In

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Who doesn’t love a good Yes or No online quiz? Oh admit it, you love them. This one had some fun questions and some bizarre ones too! I was scratching my head on a couple of questions. I’d have to say this isn’t my most favourite quiz to share with you guys but it’s still a pretty good one.

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Online quiz

So you know I like to sniff out good quizzes and tests for you guys. I take them first to see if they are worthy of sharing. This one just piqued my curiosity so I took it for you. The questions were really all over the place. Some made sense and then they threw one in out of left field.

So after I took this online quiz, here are my results. Apparently I’m confident in my Intelligence. I am not so sure about that

According to how you answered the quiz questions, you are most confident in your intelligence! You’ve got the brains and you know how to use them. You’ve always excelled in both book and street smarts – but remember it’s even more attractive to be modest about your smarts!

I wonder how they calculated my results to come up with me being confident in my intelligence. Maybe because I clicked yes I like math? Who knows?

Do you love online quizzes as much as I do?

It’s your turn!!

So go ahead and have some fun with this online quiz. I’m curious to find out what your results were and what you are most confident in. Drop your results down below and please share. Sharing is caring!

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