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When Was Your Soul Born?

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Oh how I LOVED this quiz. I’m all about finding out interesting things about myself, even my soul!! I believe that we had past lives and the souls we have today reflect who we were then. Though I’m not sure the two go hand in hand. Anyway, this quiz about my soul was awesome.

Oh my dear soul!

Do you ever wonder how old your soul is or when it was even born? Do you wonder sometimes where your thoughts and ideas come from? How about the person you are and why you act and think the way you do sometimes! These are very thought provoking questions and I totally believe you will love this quiz.

Are you an old soul?

Someone told me that once that I am an old soul and I didn’t know what they meant or what on earth they were talking about. After going through this lovely test and answering these questions, I get it now.

Take the quiz and drop your comments below. I am curious to know what the other results were. According to this test, mine was born in the roaring 20’s! Weeeeee!!

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are you an old soul quiz


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  • That is funny as I have a tattoo of the Eye of Horus on my arm.

  • The classical Era. I do find the ancient world very interesting. I have worked on fictional writings based in those ancient civilizations that we see the ruins of today.

  • Brand new soul. Carefree, light up
    a room with my smile, innocence.

  • I am mystified by the pyramids . I still believe that the sphinx will just wake up one day and take notice of the changes around it. There is something very very alien about the pyramids

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