77% of People Can’t Pass This Sexuality Test.

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Wait, whoa, wha?? Did someone say sex? Phew. Oh wait, sorry. Sexuality. So combine sexuality and test and you got nothing but fun fun fun here. Why am I so excited about this one anyway? You know when I look for quizzes, only the best will do for you guys, and me too, and this one didn’t fail to deliver. I had a riot doing this sexuality test.

Though this test may make some of you blush or feel a wee bit squirmy, take it anyway. Some of the questions I struggled with but managed to get them all answered anyway, obviously. I think when we hear the word, sexuality, we automatically think of sex, or is that just me? Sexuality is also how you feel, act, and portray others. Some people hide their sexuality (meaning they don’t want to appear too sexy) while others flaunt theirs.

Sexuality test

I’m a combination of both: I hide it and I flaunt it, all depending on the mood I’m in I guess.

Anyway after answering all these questions I managed to pull off an 8 out of 10.

Take this fun test and find out if you are part of the 77%. I’m happy to say I am not!

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