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The Most Accurate Personality Test Ever!

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Last Updated on 2 years by Iva Ursano

You guys know how much I love quizzes. This one was fantastic!! It is, by far, the most accurate personality test I’ve ever taken. Though this test had way more questions than I have the attention span to answer, the result was pretty amazing.

I love how some of these questions really have you thinking.

I’ve discovered that most of the quizzes and tests I take (yes I like to check them out before I share them with you) have been pretty amazing and don’t fail to deliver great results.

I have to be honest though, I’ve wasted countless hours taking tests and quizzes that were absolute rubbish. I won’t share crappy ones with you guys. I’m not into wasting anyone’s time.

I love how this one was so accurate! I was shocked actually. I think if you like quizzes as much as I do, you will love this one too.

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Most Accurate Personality Test

I know you don’t have a lot of time to spend taking quizzes but trust me, this one is well worth your time. I mean, if you’re gonna spend (not waste) time taking these things you definitely want to use it on one of the most accurate quizzes I’ve offered up to date!

My results from this accurate personality test

So it turns out I’m an Intuitive Healer. :) Often I forget that I’m a healer and for those of you who are healers as well, don’t forget this wonderful gift you have. The world needs us.

I think also, we tend to forget to listen to our intuition. We don’t trust it enough.

Was this quiz just as accurate for you? Let us know!

So what about you? Take the quiz. Drop your results down below and don’t forget to share! If you loved this quiz you might also like the following fan favourites!

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  1. I’m an idealistic rebel! When I was a teen, I was a true rebel. Glad to see I have improved?!?!

  2. intuitive healer and a true infj according to myers briggs test! spot on ………i’m a mess LOL

  3. Playing quiz is so exciting all the time, we pass n fail sometimes, but this gives new joy to life ♥️

  4. Intuitive healer. Exactly what i feel. Thanks!

    1. Intuitive healer.. Also throwin it out there, enfj btmi, 131 iq, sun sign taurus, moon sign cancer. I have been hoping to gain some insight through self analyzation in attempts to correct my life choices… Ill have to get back to you on the results.

  5. Intuitive Healer Sounds good but I’m neither calm nor shy.

  6. Intuitive Healer…. am I? I always strike as rude and a mean person, my facial expressions are always neutral. I don’t know man and I am always confused. But it was fun.

  7. Charismatic Leader.
    Hmm… Maybe that’s my potential as a human, but it is nowhere near everyday experience. INFJ & 4w5, but also eternally depressed and crippled by anxiety. On the (one) bright side, I was saved (by Jesus, that is…) at age 4, which is very much an indication of how horrible my early life was and that I was an early developer. Does it take some damage to be and INFJ ? I’ve always been too perceptive for my own good. Easily overwhelmed by others’ emotions (and everything else, apparently.) I have so many interests that it’s hard to give one up in pursuit of greater depth in another. Self-awareness is a double-edged sword. [320]
    I’ll shut up now…

  8. So I got Idealistic Rebel. After reading the description, I would have to say that is pretty accurate. Now the only question I have is how do I use that to change my world?

  9. I was so shocked to receive the Radical Thinker by not really now that I’ve read it. This was way too accurate and a whole lot of fun.

    You’re a radical thinker!

    This personality type is fairly rare, which is definitely a good thing for you, as there’s nothing you’d be unhappier about than being “common”! Radical thinkers are proud of their ingenuity and creativity, their unique worldview and high intelligence. Usually known as the philosopher or the dreamy professor, radical thinkers, like you, have been responsible for many scientific discoveries and ground-breaking philosophical theories throughout history. So, what are you waiting for?

  10. Charismatic leader…😂well I don’t know if it’s true or not but yeah I liked it 😂

  11. apparently, i’m one of a kind, that’s what the quiz said! cool! damn rights, i’m an orginal baby!

  12. Intuitive healer in the moment.. Still upgrading..

  13. me too Protective Nurture. very rarely get this result.

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