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The Color Wheel of Emotions Quiz. Find Out Who You Are!

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Oh how I loved this online quiz so much. I was excited to see it pop up this morning and couldn’t wait to do it. For those who know, colors play a huge role in our lives, not only aesthetically but emotionally as well. They speak to us, sometimes louder than words.

I love the who are you tests because I find many of them are so accurate. It baffles me how they get it sometimes!

So if you are unfamiliar with the emotion wheel of color it’s really interesting and so spot on. This test is short and sweet and super easy to do. All you have to do is choose the colors that resonate with you.

I had to take a wee bit of time to think on a couple of them.

You have to really feel the colors to answer. You’ll see

Who are you?

Now obviously we already know who we are, or do we. Who are you? Do you question this sometimes and wonder? I used to. Sometimes we think we need to be someone we aren’t to please others. We really shouldn’t do that. It’s bad for your authenticity.


The emotion wheel is sort of a psychology test of sorts. It makes us think and associate colors to our emotions. I honestly think you’re gonna love this one.

My results from the emotion wheel of color

So after answering the questions from this online quiz as honestly as I could, here are my results:

You are a radiant introvert

You are one of the most positive people! While you exhibit qualities of a true introvert, you still radiate a powerful encouraging aura to those around you! While you may not be the biggest fan of social situations, when you are in those situations, you are known as a ray of sunshine!

People will come to you if they need some positive energy

Not to toot my own horn or anything but yup, that pretty much sums me up to a T!!

Take this online quiz now

So, who are you? Really? Go ahead and take this psychology test, play with the emotion wheel and find out now, who are you?? If you feel comfortable enough, drop your results below!!

If you liked this online quiz, why not head on over to the quiz page and take a few more if you have time. They are all mostly short and sweet.

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who are you-take the emotion wheel of color online quiz

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