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What Do Your Eyes Say About You?

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This quiz came up for me today and I had to take it to see how accurate it was. You all know how much I love quizzes but I’m really just curious as to what kind of questions they ask and how on earth do they come up with the results.

So this one about the eyes was kinda weird if I have to be honest.

The questions were rather odd, though there are only 8 I think so it’s quick and painless, and one question clearly indicates this quiz is for women only. Not sure why they’d do that but whatever.

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The eyes quiz

So after answering these rather odd questions, I was actually quite surprised by the results. They were pretty accurate for me. Here are mine:

You tend to walk on the wild side of life. You have a creative streak that can’t be matched by any other. You are naturally creative and people love having your wacky weirdness around. Awesome!

That’s kinda true. I am kinda wacky, I am pretty creative, though I’m not so sure I’d go as far as to say I’m wild. I was in my younger days but now? Not so much.

Your turn to take the quiz to find out what the eyes say about you!

Go ahead and answer these odd questions to find out if this eye quiz thingamajingy was accurate for you. You know the eyes are the windows to the soul. So what are your eyes saying?

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9 Responses

  1. Wow.. Natural born leader… Okay, if you say so

  2. Welp looks like I can’t take this quiz, I can’t even answer the first question….my eyes are gray

  3. I don’t believe that I am a wacky wildly creative person. Perhaps it’s hidden very deep and I just need to find it?🤔

  4. I’m a hopeless romantic….yeah, it’s kinda true 😂

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