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A Story of Hope and Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Dreams

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A powerful story of hope


I want to share a powerful story of hope with you. I want you to feel this story deep into your soul. I want you to laugh, cry and shout hurray when it’s over and then I want you to have faith and never give up on your dreams.


A story of hope and why you should never give up on your dreamsPin


It’s about a pen and a dream

Let me take you back a few years…….

I sat tonight and held this pen in my hand. It’s a pen I use often. I like the way it writes and the way it feels in between my fingers. It’s a pretty, sleek and sharp looking pen. If anyone was to borrow it, they would grab it just like they would any other ordinary pen.

This is no ordinary pen. Make no mistake about this. This pen is super special and almost magical. She will never end up in the garbage or in the junk drawer where all the dead pens go. Oh no. She will always have a special resting spot, even after she dies. Let me tell you why…


Where did this pen come from?


This pen came from London, England. Now that may not seem like such a big deal to you but it is for the simple reason that I live in Guatemala and traveled to London, England and was given this pen. I mean, I didn’t have to travel all the way there just to receive this pen.

In all honesty, I didn’t even know I was going to be receiving this pen, along with a really beautiful journal and a few other gifts. Nope, I had no idea.

But there is so much more to this pen. You see, this pen was given to me by the one person who changed my entire world. It was given to me by someone who had more faith in me than I had in myself. Someone who showed me how to have faith and believe in myself.

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Is this really my life?


Flash back to the summer of 2015 whenSteven Aitchison hired me on his team as a full time freelancer.  My whole life was about to do a 180.

And it did, in a whirlwind.

With this new life came new friendships, new opportunities, new adventures and a new place of residence. Country of choice? Guatemala. (cue Jeopardy music…I’ll take “The country with no snow” for $400 Alex, please)

Is this really my life? Did I really just pick up and leave my country and move to a foreign land?  You can stop pinching yourself anytime now (clearly that’s gonna leave a mark).


The pen, what about that damn pen?


Ah right, the pen. Being on Steven’s team, I also happen to belong to a private FB group of heart centered entrepreneurs. A little over 100 of us (at that time, there is now more than 200) from around the world, FB page owners, looking to change the world any way we can. We all connect daily via FB.

We grow together, laugh together, cry together, but most importantly, we support each other 100% in our mission to change the world. We form friendships, lasting and loving friendships.

And then the announcement comes.  Steve tells us he is planning an all day event in London for those in the group who wish to attend. I’m saddened by this. There is no way in hell I can go to London England to attend this event? Maybe next time Iva.

Oh right, the pen.


But then I got thinking…


Why can’t I go to London, England? By this time now I have:

  • retired from my day job
  • sold all my stuff
  • got rid of my apartment
  • packed two suitcases
  • bought a one way ticket to Guatemala

So why can’t I go to London, England? The only thing keeping me from going was my limiting belief telling me that it was impossible. Of course it wasn’t impossible. How ridiculous! I had to change my story from lack to a story of hope.

I now have the opportunity to meet the one person who changed my life, believed in me, and showed me how to believe in myself and I was telling myself I couldn’t? No way!. I was SO going to London to meet this man. But not only him! There would be 40 of us from around the world attending this event as well. Come Hell or high water, I was going to London, England.


The story of hope gets even better


And off I went. To London, England (I pinched myself many times on that flight). How is this my life again?

I went from being a hairstylist in a shopping mall in Northern Ontario Canada (aka middle of nowhere) to sitting in a conference room in London England with 40 loving souls from around the world and the one man who showed me how to believe in myself. At my desk is a journal and this pen.

This pen is no ordinary pen. This pen is what my dreams were made of. This pen writes the story of my life. A story of hope faith and determination. How I went from a miserable existence in Northern Ontario to living a ridiculously happy life, living out my purpose in Guatemala.

This pen means the world to me. This pen stands for confidence, determination and perseverance. Oh, and faith. Lots and lots of faith. This pen writes my story of hope.


Inspirational stories of hope and courage


I want you to take everything in from this story. I want you to feed off my motivation, determination, inspiration and faith. I want you to shout “Hell ya I can do that too!!” I want you to have so much self confidence, pull up your big girl/boy panties and affirm that you can do anything you set your mind to when your why is big enough.

I want you to blaze your own trails, forge your own path, live bravely and fearlessly (ok that’s a tough one). I want you to reach for the stars and the moon and all the galaxies!! I want you to write your own story of hope and celebrate the magnificence of YOU!

And then pour yourself a nice glass of wine. Celebrate in style my friend!

When you dream big enough, have faith, and learn to believe in yourself, anything is possible. Absolutely anything!

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  1. Totally and utterly loved this Iva, loved the curiosity factor (what the hell’s she writing about a pen for :) ), loved the hope, the commitment, the passion and the perseverance it took to get to where you are today.

    You truly are one of a kind and I know bigger things are on their way to you, think tree house ;)


    1. YES Treehouse!!!!! Thank you Steve, for believing in me. Thank you also for taking the time to read it and leave a comment. I truly appreciate you xoxo

    1. Thanx Wilman, glad you enjoyed it and I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. :)


  2. Simply beautiful Iva. You are an inspiration to live the life of your dreams – not settle, not give up, just do it!

    1. Thank you Caitlin for taking the time to read it and leave a comment. Never stop believing in yourself and your dreams xoxoxo


    1. Awe thanx so much Angie. Glad you liked it. I appreciate you taking the time to read it and leave a comment. Hope to see you in Scotland 2017 :)

  3. I love this Iva! What a beautiful journey you took me on ? I absolutely loved meeting you in London and look forward to the next time we see each other. Who knows … maybe in Guatemala ❤️

    1. Really? Guautemala?? That would be amazing Allanah. Seems no one wants to come here…I wonder if I’m posting too many scorpion pics on my FB Thank you for taking the time to comment and I absolutely loved meeting you. Can’t wait to do it again!!

  4. So inspiring, so many people get bogged down in the mundane details of life that their dreams wither and die. Your words show that there is always room for light, growth and dream chasing.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting Christine and you’re right. We need to stop putting our dreams on the back burner and bring them to life!!

  5. What a fabulous post Iva – I loved every minute of it, and I was right there with you!

    I too have that special pen on my desk, along with the journal that now holds within its pages all my goals and visions for my business. Whenever I look at them, I remember that wonderful day, over far too soon, when I finally got to meet the most amazing group of people.

    Your story is amazing, as are you lovely lady. You touch more lives than you know, and I’m sure your story will serve as an inspiration to many <3

    1. Can’t wait to do it all over again in Scotland 2017 Lorrie!! Thanx for your comment and for taking the time to read it. I appreciate your friendship so much xoxoxo

    1. Hey thanx so much Leen! Glad you liked it. :) xo iva xo

  6. Iva, I just read this…and I must say, I LOVE your writing style. When you contacted me on FB for a s4s, and I went and checked out your page, I thought — damn she writes well!!! I need to find a slot soon on my page for her posts…and I did…in a day! LOL!!! Then I got curious and came visited your website, and read this. I still stick to my original observation: Damn she writes well!! :D

    Hugs to you!!!

    1. Awe thanx so much Swati and I’m glad you found a spot for me too!!I equally love your page :) I appreciate you xo

  7. Wow love the meaning of the pen..a powerful story so beautifully inspired me. Your phenomenal!! Thanks for sharing.❤Iva

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