September New Moon in Virgo-Reap What You Sow!!

Yippee!! It’s new moon time! The second favourite moon for me. The first one being the full one of course! So we’re already into September. Holy shit where did this year go anyway? Is it just me that thinks time flies by too fast? How are you making out on your goals for this year? One very important thing to remember for this time of year, you reap what you sow. The fall is harvest time. Everything you’ve planted all year long will slowly start growing. Trust the process.

The new moon in this month falls on Sunday September 9th.

New moon in Virgo

So if you know anything about Virgos you know they are analytical and like to solve problems by taking it step by step. Calm cool and collected. They will take the useful information and toss the rest. Focus goes on things the things that matter the most. Virgo is all about service, good service. 

If you need to learn how to serve in other ways, perhaps it’s time to maybe learn a new skill that will put you on top of your game. We are all here to serve and we should be doing things and learning things to help others. Including yourself. Don’t forget, we reap what we sow.

It’s always important to take care of yourself, physically, spiritually and emotionally. This is a good time to step back and see where there could be room for improvement in any of those areas. Is it time to change your diet, exercise more, meditate more perhaps? You know what you need. Listen to your body.

Remember you can’t pour from an empty cup.

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Reap what you sow

So let’s get back to the energy of the new moon, the intentions, patience and all the things you’ve planted up to this point. We’ve been working hard all year long, planting little seeds all over. Some are going to sprout, some won’t. You will know which ones won’t and why they won’t by the way you feel about it.

If something isn’t sprouting it’s because it’s not meant for you. Tend to your other harvest. The one that really matters and fires up your soul.

Like a farmer, we plant things all year round but unlike a farmer, we want to see the results now dammit. Be patient. Take your time and have faith. Keep watering and praying and feeling good now. Your harvest is coming and you will definitely reap what you sow.

What does this new moon mean for you?

You’ve put in the hard work all year, it’s time to take a look to see what’s working and what’s not. If you’ve been plugging away at something for 9 months and still hitting  a wall it may be time to analyze it, see why it isn’t working and maybe put it to rest or if you’re really passionate about it, take a step back, have a closer deeper look at it and see where you need to change up your applications.

New moons are all about intentions. Set your intentions and leave the rest up to the Universe and the energy of the moon. Don’t give up on something if you feel strongly passionate about it. Stay the course and know you will reap what you sow.

It’s also a great time to do the new moon ritual. You can check out this blog here for more information on that. Rituals are so important under the energies of the moons, new and full.

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Don’t You Dare Give Up!

I’m sure you’ve heard that expression before. When you give up, it’s game over. We fight to stay in the game so hard some days. Some days you wonder what it’s all for. It can feel hopeless.

I’ve recently been feeling like this. I work hard, up to 12 hours a day some days. I take little “me” breaks and then feel guilty because I think I should be working. I work til my head wants to explode, At the end of the day I go to bed and wonder if I accomplished anything of great value.

Did I make a difference in someone’s life today? Did I manage to touch at least one life? Am I on the right path? Is any of this working? It can all be very overwhelming sometimes.

I feel like giving up

Yup. Some days I just wanna pack it all in. I can’t see the fruits of my labour. I can’t feel the impact I’m making. I sit alone in my apartment up to 12 hours a day and get so fed up that I want to curl up in a ball and just tap the fuck out.

There are days I just want to give up and call game over. I’m done. So done. I’m not even sure what the driving force is some days to keep me going. I think this work ethic is just innate now. It’s all I’ve known for the last 3 years of my freelancing career. Work, write, engage, connect. Rinse and repeat.

Show me something?

Do you often feel like that? What’s it all for? Why do I keep doing what I’m doing? I feel like I’m on a hamster wheel going nowhere fast. It’s exhausting, it’s frustrating, it’s lonely and it’s somewhat aggravating. When will the rewards show itself?

Some of you may have been working really hard on a project. Maybe you have a dream you’re trying to actualize. Or could it be that you have an idea or a goal you are working toward and it seems almost pointless, hopeless if you will.

There aren’t any signs or clues that you are on the right path. Nothing. Crickets. When? When will something, anything, show itself to let me know I’m doing ok and I need to stay on my path and that it’s not game over?? When?

Is the game over for real?

I think about this sometimes and it’s usually just a very fleeting thought. I can’t give up. I didn’t come this far to only come this far. I’m not done. I’m far from done. It’s not game over for me, even though I really want it to be some days.

And then two things happen to me today that just confirm, I’m ok and keep going. My friend who is a podcast junkie critiques my new podcast and tells me it’s fantastic. Phew. Yay me. I’m doing ok.

And then over on Tailwind (this may be confusing for some here and I’m sorry) in a tribe I belong to over there (where we share each other’s pins) Tony Robbins is now a member and he re-pins one of my inspirational quotes. Are you fucking kidding me right now??

It’s the little things

Things that may be little to some people but are so fucking huge to others, like me. Though Tony Robbins re-pinning one of my quotes isn’t exactly a little thing (though to him it might have been) it’s things like that that make me realize it’s all good. I’m on the right path.

It’s when you are at the breaking point that something usually gives. Something finally happens. Just when we’re about to give up and call game over, there’s a light.

It could be the smallest flicker of light. A tiny little flame. A spark if you will. Look for the little things that gently remind you you’re on the right path. You’re doing ok. Keep going. Don’t give up.

You didn’t come this far to only come this far. It’s not game over. Ever.

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Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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How to Stop Fear From Robbing You of the Life You Deserve

I’m pretty sure that fear in the #1 killer of dreams and hopes. Amirite? It will stop you dead in your tracks and that shit doesn’t back down either. It knows when you are in goal setting mode and swiftly jumps in and stops you! Whammo! Just like that, in your face. And you back away. Mm hmm.

I’m no stranger to fear but I don’t let it stop me anymore from living the life I want. Nope. Not this girl.

And trust me, I got a lot of fears. I know that’s kinda hard to believe. I mean, this coming from someone who:

  • sold all her shit (53 yrs of her life to be exact)
  • packed two suitcases
  • bought a one way ticket
  • flew to Guatemala alone

Yup, I did all that and then some. Was I scared? Fuck ya!!!

Fear will always get in the way of goal setting

Always.You have a dream, a goal, an idea. You think it through, maybe even write it out on paper and go over it. Then suddenly you get a lump in throat, you can’t breathe, you feel like throwing up and maybe even get sweaty palms. And then you stop. You put it away. Man,that’s way too scary. No way in hell that’s gonna work anyway.

So here’s one of my personal fears and examples.

My fear of heights is almost crippling. I face it as often as I can. I have to walk across a high bridge 4 times a week to get to the gym I go to. It terrifies the fuck out of me every damn time but I do it and now I even stop and look over the bridge to the river below. That also scares the shit out of me, but I do it. Because being fit is important to me and I won’t let this fear stop me from reaching this goal.

And did you hear about my ziplining adventures? Oh geezus. This off the chart adventure was also in my goal setting journal. I seriously almost passed out from fear, I’m not even kidding. But I did it twice. Yup.

Face your fear, you badass, Iva. And I did.

But fear is terrifying….dammit!

Guess what else is scary?

Change. Yup. Change is hard. So hard.

Let’s look at my crazy life as an example (in a nutshell).

  1. 25 yrs as a hairdresser in a salon in a mall in Northern Ontario.
  2. Opened my own salon, ran it for 3 yrs, closed it and declared bankruptcy
  3. Right after that I left an abusive relationship without two cents to my name.
  4. No job, no money, no belongings, starting all over again at 51 yrs old.
  5. Taking on a challenge to become a full time freelancer and leave my hairstyling career
  6. Working on major personal development ( I had to reinvent my whole existence as I didn’t even know who I was after leaving my last relationship).
  7. And finally after two years of all that, ending up in Guatemala, alone, with no friends, rebuilding my life and living out my true purpose and calling in life.

WOW! You know, just reading that back I still can’t believe I did ALL that. Alone. But I did. You wanna talk about facing fears? Holy shit! Did I ever. Was I scared? You bet. But I was determined. I’m a goal setting kinda gal and once I have a thought in my head about something I want to do, I chase that fucker down like a pitbull. Yup.

Desire has to be bigger.

I had a miserable desperate and lonely existence in Sudbury. I hated my life and I wanted more. I wanted better. And I knew I deserved it. I had finally gotten to a point where my desire for a better life was stronger than my desire to live in misery.

Change had to happen and it DID in a huge way.

Did anything bad happen to me while I was going through all this? Probably a couple of little glitches but nothing I couldn’t handle. When you want change bad enough you face ALL your fears and do it!!

How big is your desire for a better life?

When you are goal setting, you need to ask yourself these questions.

  1. How bad do I want it?
  2. What am I prepared to do to make it happen?
  3. What’s the worst thing that could happen?
  4. Don’t I deserve to be happy?
  5. Where do I start?

If you feel like you need help goal setting and actually achieving your goals, fears and all, check out my resource page for tons of goodies!! Need more help flicking fear and achieving your dreams? Check out my new self help eBook From Hell to Happiness. Click here for more info and to download your copy now!


Oh Hell Ya you can. You got it in you. Your new life, the one you deserve and long for is waiting for you. It’s resting over there, on the other side of fear. Go get it, tiger!!

Do yourself the biggest favour of your life…

Face your fear, you badass.

I love you.

I wonder what paragliding is like.

Peace and Love


a self improvement guide, an ebook to help you, a self help ebook , a personal development course, a personal growth ebook
An ultimate self improvement guide

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Everything You Need to Know About Water Fountains and Your Money

A water fountain is one of the most powerful cures in Feng Shui, provided it is in the proper location. Water is the symbol of wealth in Feng Shui. The absolute best spot for a fountain is at the front door. This will ensure that wealth continues to flow into your house. There is nothing more beautiful, soothing and inviting than a water fountain at your door.

Oh. You live in an apartment building? Condo? Something other than a house? Fear not. You can most certainly still own a water fountain. Apartment dwellers rejoice. Fountains and Feng Shui aren’t just for home owners. I have a lovely tabletop fountain that is placed strategically in my Wealth and Prosperity Area in my apartment. I love the trickling sounds.

Water fountain rules

Now before you run out to buy a water fountain pay attention to these tips first please. Also, don’t buy one just for the sake of owning one and as always, make sure you love it and it compliments your space perfectly.

  1. I’m putting this tip as number one because it is of the utmost importance. Like, if you don’t do this, don’t bother owning a fountain. (Please. Just don’t.) KEEP THE WATER CLEAN! OK, I’m really sorry I had to yell at you but if you own a fountain and the water is murky, slimy or dirty then, really, what’s the point? That’s just disgusting.
  2. The water fountain,if going indoors, should go in an area that requires the water element. Now that sounds like it should go without saying but I’m still surprised at people that have big water element objects in a Fire area. Hello! What puts out fire? Check your Bagua to see where the water elements are required. Put a fountain in any of these areas. (but remember, no water in the bedroom)
  3. I do not recommend battery operated fountains (for indoor ones) as they are usually quite small. Don’t go for small. Small water feature, small money.  Try to get a decent sized one that will fit into your space nicely.
  4. Make sure it is always running. Yes even when you go to bed at night. Flowing water, flowing money.
  5. Change the water weekly. I have a mid size fountain and I take it apart, the whole thing, once a week and clean it all. You’d be surprised at the sludge that will grow in there if you don’t.
  6. Water will evaporate so make sure you add fresh clean water to it daily.

These are super easy tips to follow but in order to get the most out of your cure, you must adhere to them.  If you do live in an apartment and you can get a fountain at your door, even inside, then do it (and lucky you!!).  If you absolutely can’t get a fountain in your place at all, then opt for a nice waterfall picture or any kind of art work that has water in it, be it a lake, ocean, river, anything like that.

Hope this week’s Feng Shui tip was of use to you and as always, shoot me off an email if you have any questions about this or other tips. I’m happy to hear from you guys and answer your questions.

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a self improvement guide, an ebook to help you, a self help ebook , a personal development course, a personal growth ebook
An ultimate self improvement guide

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Happy Feng Shui’ing

(this post contains an affiliate link so I may make a small commission if you make a purchase)