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What Does Your Name Mean? Find Out Now!

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Oh oh oh!!! When I saw this over in Playbuzz I just had to take it. You know I like to test out the quizzes before I share them with you and I loved this one. Please tell me, ‘what does my name mean’? I never did like my name and when I tell people that they cringe.

Oh Iva it’s so beautiful. Meh. Whatever.

I always wondered where our parents came up with some of the names they picked some 50 odd years ago. Here in Guatemala, the new moms often don’t pick names for their newborns for almost a month.

Sadly, many of them wait to make sure the child survives the first month of life.

Usually they choose an American name for whatever reason. I could never understand this to be honest. It’s kinda odd to see a super cute Guatemalan girl named Wendy.

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What does your name mean?

Have you ever wondered? Have you ever looked up the meaning of your name? I never did but maybe one day I will. For now, quizzes will have to do. I think mine is from Germany maybe? No clue.

I know when my mom was choosing middle names for all of us girls she went to some Italian calendar and whatever Saint day it happened to be, that’s the middle name we got.

So after taking this quiz which is short and sweet I might add, these are my results:

The Fantastical One

– Imagination
– Harmony
– Tranquility
– Non Conformity
– Incandescent
– Magical
– Hardworking
– Freedom
– Illustrious
– Metamorphosis

I kinda like that. It actually is pretty accurate but I really love the title The Fantastical One. I’ll take that!

How do you choose your baby names?

I know many moms go to their favourite soap opera to choose their new baby’s name. Some moms use names from grandmas and favourite aunts. My son’s name is Julian. He is kinda named after his father. His father’s name was Jules but I called him Julian.

I just have always loved that name. I think it’s beautiful and romantic. Ironically enough, many of my son’s friends call him Jules. Ah well. Can’t win for trying.

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Your turn to find out

Go ahead and take this quiz. Feel free to drop your results down below if you want. I’d love to know your name and the meaning behind it too. If you liked this quiz you might also like the ones over on my quiz page. Why not take a few more!

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  1. Ow, the meaning of my name is overwhelming. I accept the other adjectives describing me but some words aren’t, like ‘prodigy’ it’s a shame. I am just a common person, but it’s just a quiz and it’s really fun to know that our given names is indeed connected to our personality and character. Thanks Iva

  2. The Archer is my Zodiac sign‼️‼️. I agree with most of the abilities you mentioned ‼️ Thanks alot‼️

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