Can You Tell If Someone is Lying? Take This Quiz To Find Out.

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We all lie. Or do we? Can you tell when someone is lying to you? There are many signs to tell, body language being one of them. The eyes also say a lot about people and if they are lying to you. I can usually spot a liar a million miles away.

That could be that I’m very intuitive though.

So you guys know I love to sniff out the good quizzes and though I can’t say this was a good one, it was definitely interesting. The questions were long and I had to read a couple of them twice but when I stopped to think about the answer, I felt like I chose the best one.

how to spot a liar
Can you tell if someone is lying to you?

How to spot a liar

Are you able to tell when someone is lying? Do you have that intuitive ability as well? After I answered the questions, and there weren’t that many, under 10 if I recall correctly, this was my result.


Based on your answers, it’s easy to see that you are great at spotting a liar.

Yup. Apparently I’m good at spotting a liar! ?

Spotting a liar

Your turn to take this interesting quiz to see if you are good at telling if someone is lying to you. Take some time to think about the questions before you answer them. Drop your results below if you want! How good are you at spotting a liar?

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