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What is the Movie Title of Your Life?

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Oh poop this one was just fun fun fun!!! I usually like to find and share somewhat serious ones but every now and then we really just need to let loose and have silly type fun. Like with this quiz. What is the Movie Title of Your Life. Oh!! I need to know now!

I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect as far as the questions go but there were under 10 ( if I recall correctly) and they were simple, fun and easy to answer. Short and sweet. Just the way we like them around here.

The Movie Title of my Life

So after going through this one pretty quickly here is my movie title!

The movie title to your life is…Everything Is Awesome

Your life is just awesome right now. You might as well have the Lego Movie theme song playing on repeat because you’re really feeling good right now. You’re happy with your career, relationships and personal life. Good for you!

Yes!! Oh how I love this !! I was hoping for something fun and light and awesome like this!! Ironically, the only movies I normally watch are action, adventure, drama, and blood, guts and gore so when this popped up I was surprised but pleased.

Your turn

Go ahead and take this fun movie title quiz and see what the title of your life is. Drop your results down below. I’d love to see what the other movie titles are! If you liked this quiz why not head on over to my quiz page and take a few more!

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  1. Same as yours – Everything is Awesome! (I decided to take a peek at your website after reading your Medium Everyone needs a Dave – I got one too!

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