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New Moon in Capricorn January 2019. Time To Rock!

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Boom!! Happy New Year and good bye 2018!! Wasn’t that a crazy one? Was it just me that went through Hell and back or did the rest of you too? Man, 2018 had me scratching my head, feeling frustrated and left curled up in a ball in the corner of a room rocking back and forth crying. UGH. What a nightmare. I lost focus and all clarity. I lost determination and faith. I lost a lot actually. 

Ring in the new year please! It’s time to put the past behind us and start doing some goal setting. We all know what went wrong. If you haven’t figure it out yet, take some time to sit and look back at 2018 to see where you went wrong and how you can fix it. There’s still time to do that. I suggest you do it now.

Clarity and Focus are the main themes this month

If you lost it last year it’s time to find them. Focus on what you want. You tried doing that last year but for some reason, it just got lost somewhere in the shuffle between hopelessness and despair. That was yesterday. This is today. Let’s kick it.

Think back to some of the projects you started or some of the things you really wanted to achieve but fell short. What happened? What did you miss? What did you do instead that clearly didn’t work out so well?

This month you have a chance and some time, to take stock and think long and hard. What do you have to do different this year? You may very well already know the answer to that one. The clarity you lost in 2018 will surface in 2019 as long as you are determined enough to get down to business.

So what is clarity?

Seeing what you want. Knowing what you want. Knowing what you have to do to get what you want. Writing out what you want and making a plan to get there. If you don’t know what you have to do, you research to find out. Clarity is seeing, believing, feeling, tasting and knowing without a shadow of a doubt that you want this desire/goal more than anything else in the whole wide world.


New Moon January in Capricorn

The new moon this month falls on January 5th and what a fantastic way to start the new year. In goal setting and actually having faith in achieving goals. Yes!! If you know anything about Capricorns, they are hard workers. They like to lay out plans, many plans sometimes, and work their butts off to make them happen.

This is you, now, this month, this year. Be that Capricorn. This new moon is here for us in perfect time, to have more clarity, look at our goals, hopes, wishes, dreams and desires and to lay out a plan. But it’s not just about the plan. It’s more than that. You gotta have faith. Lots of it.

Somewhere along the way we lose our faith. We fill our heads with thoughts of self doubt. “I can’t do this. This is too hard. I’m not smart enough or good enough.” Any of those sound familiar? Don’t worry. We all have those limiting beliefs at times. You’re not alone.

Goal setting and actually achieving goals

This month the new moon gives you the opportunity to bring your goals back to life. Bring them back to the forefront of your mind. Have a deep hard look at them and figure out how you are going to make them work. Clarity is of the utmost importance here. Remember, the new moon energy is all about releasing what no longer serves us=limiting beliefs and bringing or allowing in more of what we want and need=focus and clarity, abundance and happiness.

I want you to keep one very important thing in mind. You are not here to play small. You are not here to blend in. You are here for greatness, abundance, love and success. Too many of us don’t know what success tastes or feels like and we get scared of it.

That fear is what makes us lose our clarity and focus. We can’t be clear on success because fear is fogging our vision. We’ve never had it before. What does it look like? We try to see it but it’s next to impossible. This month I NEED you to cut through the fog and SEE your success.

What you want, wants you too!

What does it look like to you? Know that what you want, wants you too. That includes success. Many of us think “oh we can’t have that because we don’t deserve it or no one else in my family has ever had that or…insert another lame excuse in here__________”. You need to stop beating yourself up.

Just because no one in your family has ever been ‘great’ doesn’t mean that you can’t. Of course you can. You’re already great. It’s time to show it off.

Like a Capricorn, I want you to become relentless in your determination and clarity to reach your goals. Don’t back down this year. It’s not time to be a mouse. It’s time to be a loud proud lion. You deserve everything you want but don’t forget, you gotta put some effort into making it happen. Unlike some gurus who tell you think about it and it will come, that’s only partially true. You have to be an active participant in wanting your dreams to come true.

Write it out!

I have a book on my Kindle reader that I downloaded years ago and never so much as opened once. I finally did the other nite and wow. This book blows my mind. Now the reason why I’m telling you about it is because this book teaches you gain clarity and focus on what you want, but in a very realistic manner.

Think and Grow Rich is an all time best seller and it’s no wonder why. If you don’t have it, get it. I mean it. This book will change the way you think about your life, what you deserve and how to get it. It’s my favourite book right now. It’ll be the best money you ever spend on a book.

Anyway the author asks you to write out your goals and make sure you have 100% clarity on them. I now do. I read this paper twice a day. I feel each word. I now know without a shadow of a doubt that I absolutely can have what I want. I see my goals, I feel them, I live and breathe them.

Take a second to read my blog on New Moon Rituals. It’s very informative and will help you with writing out what you want and releasing what no longer serves you.

This is your year

Not just you, but all of us and the new moon in Capricorn in January is assisting us. How absolutely beautiful. This year I need you to focus, gain more clarity, pull up your big girl/boy panties and get it done!! You can do this. Face your fear and imagine the taste of success. It’s yours for the asking and taking in this new year.

Be smart, work hard, and don’t forget your why. That’s the biggest driving force behind anything you do. Why are you doing it and why do you want it? Don’t lose site of that. You so got this!

If you need help with setting goals and taking your life to the next level, my self help guide might be just what you need. Check it out here. It’s now on sale for only $16 From Hell to Happiness. 

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

(this post contains an affiliate link so if you make a purchase I make a small commission but the best part of that is the more I make, the more hungry bellies I can feed here in Guatemala-win win!!)

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  1. Yes!! All the focus and clarity this year. I am so with you. I have all the determination and plans for this year. Thank you for sharing all this wonderful advice! Happy New Year!

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