11 Rare Habits Mentally Strong People Have (that you should adopt today!)

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Do you ever come across someone and after spending some time with them your first thought is “wow, what a confident person!”?. Like they ooze self confidence. This is one of the character traits of mentally strong people. It’s not just that they are confident, they have this incredible mental strength that sets them apart from the rest.

What does it take to build mental strength?

Well, it’s not as hard as you think it might be. Honestly, anyone can build mental strength as long as they have determination, patience and focus. Do you have those 3 things? If not, you can learn them too!

In order to become mentally strong, the one very important thing we first have to let go of the is the person you used to be.

Becoming mentally stronger is an ongoing process as well. You simply just can’t take one or two courses, read an eBook or two and then declare to everyone around you “LOOK AT ME AND ALL MY MENTAL STRENGTH!”

Ya it doesn’t quite work like that.

You have to continue to work on it. Just like self confidence or self esteem. You have to maintain those. You have to continuously work on keeping your self confidence and your self worth high.

My journey to become mentally stronger

A few years ago, 2013 I think, I left an abusive relationship, declared bankruptcy and hit rock bottom hard. My life was a mess BUT I wasn’t going to let life defeat me. I somehow found some amazing inner strength and overcame a ton of challenges.

You can watch my video here on how I started over at 50 with nothing. You’ll see that my mental strength, that literally seemed to come out of nowhere, guided me through this dark period. While you’re over on my channel, Women Blazing Trails, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button!

How to Start Over at 50 With Nothing!

11 habits of mentally strong people

In order to become mentally strong we have to understand some of their habits. I have listed 11 here but there are probably a million more. These ones I find are the best ones and relatively easy to adopt.

In no particular order of importance, here they are:

1 Not afraid to make mistakes

Mentally strong people try things and challenge themselves. They know something may not work the first try and they’re ok with that. They’ll keep at it until they either come up with a better plan or realize it simply won’t work and move on to something else. And they’re ok with that too!!

2 They’ll step out of their comfort zones

They realize they may have to take risks, really big risks, in order to achieve something and they will. It’s not that they aren’t afraid of taking risks or stepping out of the comfort zone, they just realize that it is something they MUST do in order to attain/learn/achieve something.

3 They will follow their intuition

Many of us listen to our heads when it’s time to make a decision but mentally strong people will listen to their gut instincts (or follow their intuition). They know that feeling in their heart and soul doesn’t lie so they will follow it and let the Universe surprise them.

4 Take responsibility for everything

Not everything works and they aren’t right all the time and sometimes they mess up. They know this. They aren’t perfect. They are just confident. They will admit to wrongdoings and take full responsibility for a situation if it was their fault.

5 See all sides

They will take a situation or issue and see both sides of the problem before they make a decision or form an opinion. They are not quick to judge or throw a fit. They will take a step back and look at the whole picture before a conclusion or resolve is reached.

6 Don’t react too quickly

In everything and anything. They don’t make hasty decisions. They weight out all the pros and cons to see what resolution will best be served. They are also not quick to get angry or point fingers and lay blame on someone or one thing. They analyze, asses and then act accordingly.

7 Kill them with kindness

If someone is being mean, rude or ignorant to them or anyone else for that matter, they won’t lash back with the same rudeness. They will kill someone with kindness, smile and walk away. They know that hate doesn’t cure hate, love does. Mentally strong people know this. They can control their emotions in tough situations.

8 Swallow their pride

In order to have great mental strength you will know when you have to swallow your pride and either ask for help or admit you’re wrong. Swallowing your pride is a great character trait for many people and something you should practice doing more often. People will tend to have more respect for you when you can do this.

9 Don’t quit when the going gets tough

Let’s face it, we all have moments where we want to throw in the towel and walk away from something that is causing us too much frustration. Mentally strong people don’t quit. They keep at it and learn what they need to in order to move ahead. Remember, not everything is going to go our way. And that’s ok.

But don’t just up and quit because something is too hard to do. Keep at it. That’s how you build mental strength and character. Persistence pays off.

10 Set strong boundaries

They have no problem setting a strong and firm boundary line around themselves. They know it’s totally ok to say no to others and yes to themselves. They aren’t people pleasers. They are wise and self respecting. They know that their mental health and happiness comes first before anyone else’s.

And, they don’t put up with anyone’s crap. Ever.

11 Help others succeed

They know life isn’t a competition and the only person they are in competition with is the person they were yesterday. They understand that we are all in this together and their is great strength in numbers. They want others to succeed too. They cheer people on, lift them up, encourage them and do whatever it takes to help another person.

Mentally strong people just know

They just know. And oftentimes, mentally strong people use to be really weak. Yup. That’s how and why they finally took time to build their mental strength. Being weak didn’t interest them anymore.

Being walked all over didn’t interest them anymore

Always feeling like a failure didn’t interest them anymore.

They  knew something had to change and that something was them. That’s where building mental strength begins. When you finally decide you don’t want to be weak anymore!

Can I train myself to be mentally strong?

Yup you sure can. It won’t be easy but it’s not impossible either. When you really want something, especially a change in your life in some area, you will do whatever it takes to get it.

Your mental strength is and should be no different.

If you really want to become mentally stronger you have to decide today, right now, that this is something you really want and you will work on some serious self improvement in order to get there.

I find that listening to guided meditations and some hypnosis really helps me a lot. I love it when my mind is being fed positive affirmations!

Becoming mentally stronger will take time

And more time and more time. It’s a work in progress and as you grow stronger, you will find that you love yourself more and you love others more too. You become more forgiving and more accepting.

Your whole mindset changes and it’s a really beautiful thing. I think the best part of becoming mentally stronger is that you just have a lot more self confidence and finally realize your self worth and you never settle for less again.


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