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13 Alpha Female Traits That Actually Intimidate Others

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To be honest, I didn’t know what an alpha female was. Someone called me that the other day and I was like whoa what? Who me? That kinda sounds fierce and ferocious. Well, guess what? It is. Apparently I am fierce and ferocious. Throw a little bit of kind, loving and goofy and I’m a full package baby. But what are some alpha female traits?

Because maybe you have some of these traits and you’re one too!!

Have you ever had to describe yourself? It’s when we actually stop and look at all the pieces that make us who we are is honestly when we realize that we, in fact, have alpha female characteristics.

Who knew?


13 Alpha female traits

See if you recognize yourself in any of these traits of an alpha female. If you do, go ahead and roar! You own that stuff girl!!

1 Unstoppable

Nothing gets in your way to get your stuff done. You got a goal or you’re on a serious mission and you are laser focused on achieving it. Come hell or high water, you’re gonna get it done. Your determination is killer and your mindset is much to be admired.

You go girl! Many people admire this trait, some are jealous. Others are just in awe of you.

2 Super Confident

You know exactly who you are and you don’t pretend or try to be anyone else but yourself and you don’t gaf who likes you and who doesn’t. You love the skin you’re in and you’re not afraid to flaunt your confidence (but not in that obnoxious way as mentioned above).

She knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to ask for it or ask for help in order to get it. She doesn’t need to step on other people’s toes to get it. She’s not a b***h like that.

3 Solid boundary lines

You don’t take crap from anyone and are not afraid to stand up for yourself. You have drawn a solid boundary line that cannot and will not be crossed (something I’m still working on, don’t judge). You’re not so easily swayed by others.

Nope, ain’t gonna happen. You are strong enough and smart enough to know when to say NO and stick to it. Good on ya!!

4 Love spending time alone

You love to be alone and don’t always feel the need to be surrounded by a bunch of fake people just for company. You select your company carefully and if you feel like going out, great, if not, you’re perfectly happy staying home alone.

Not only that, but you also have no problem taking yourself out on a date night (that’s confidence, sister!!). Being alone is important to you and necessary for your self care and self love, both of which you have and nurture.

5 Larger than life

I’ve been called this once or twice and was rather shocked by the statement. Am I really? Oh ya, I sure am. Are you?

You walk into a room and get noticed instantly. You have this charm, charisma, magnetic quality about you that people are instantly drawn to. No meek and mildness bull about you.

Nope. You have a glowing aura that people just love about you. When you talk, people want to listen. When you enter a room, people want to be around you. You just got this thing, girl!!

6 You’re focused

You have clear goals, clear morals, clear judgement, etc. You are super clear on who you are, what you stand for and what you are hoping to achieve in life.

You don’t let others persuade you to change focus, give up or try something else. You see the bigger picture and are confident about it.

7 Always learning

You thrive on knowledge and know that knowledge is power. You don’t mind taking on a challenge to learn a new language, computer coding, gardening or whatever!

Learning anything is hard and you’re always up for that challenge.

8 Very self aware

You know you’re not perfect. You know that no one is. You also know there are many flaws you may have that need work on. You’re also up to doing just that. Working on self improvement.

Your self awareness helps you navigate through some of life’s toughest challenges. Actually, many of your friends come to you for advice solely because of that.

9 Empower other women

We absolutely do not have time for judging or criticizing others. We are here to empower other women and lift each other up.

The alpha female isn’t in competition with anyone but the woman she was yesterday. She knows we are all equal and we are all magnificent in our own ways.

10 Natural leader

You have no problem taking charge of any situation, event, issue, etc. Your strong confident nature makes you such an amazing leader.

An alpha female will not think twice about being a leader. It’s in her blood!

You might want to check out my YouTube channel. If you watch one or two videos you should be able to see a couple of these alpha female traits in me.

11 Never stays down

No matter how big the struggle, how hard the punch or the kick, nothing will keep her down. She is super determined and resilient. Remember she loves learning! Each time she gets knocked down, she brushes off her butt, learns the lesson and forges ahead even stronger than before.

One of the most amazing alpha female traits is that she never stays down. She’s a true fighter!

12 Fiercely loyal

To her family, her friends, who employer, coworkers, you name it, she’s loyal. She believes everyone deserves her loyalty until they prove otherwise.

If she says she’s there for you, you better believe it.

13 No time for drama

If you want to sit around and gossip and judge other women, you won’t be able to do that with an alpha female. She will stop you mid sentence and tell you to change the topic. If that doesn’t work, she’ll just walk away.

The alpha female doesn’t want to gossip and put other women down. Equality, remember!? Lift a sister up, remember?! That’s her.

Do you have alpha female traits?

You rock, hardcore.

We are very intimidating to most people. Many will be jealous of us because such strength and power can’t go unnoticed. Amirite? Now if you happen to have alpha female traits, please make sure it doesn’t go to your head. I know some women like that and it’s rather annoying.

The word obnoxious almost comes to mind. Don’t be one of them.

One more awesome characteristic of an alpha female

She is fearless. 

There are many other alpha female traits but I figure if you nailed any of these 13, you’re that girl. Embrace it, love it, flaunt it, and be proud of who you are. You da bomb!

Remember though, there are the nice alpha females who people admire and then there are the obnoxious ones. Don’t be the latter. No one likes obnoxious people, period.

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Peace and Love


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  1. I see myself in a lot of these, but I’m not really great at setting boundaries for something. Filed a great list for what encompasses an alpha female!

    1. Honestly Jennifer I still struggle with boundaries but I”m getting better at it. Thanx for your comment xoxo

  2. Hell ya! This is me, or at least I like to think so anyway. I love that you are sharing this and helping others embrace their Alpha Female-ness! Its hard sometimes because if women are too confident or strong or ambitious we are seen as undesirable. But that’s not true! And the more of us that own it the better.

    1. You’re right Amiekay, we are seen as intimidating or “bitches” but we aren’t. We just know what we want and don’t take crap! Thanx for your comment xoxo

  3. I guess I am not, but I might be approaching that zone because some things certainly match :D And yes I definitely enjoy my “me” time. I love myself ! :D

    1. Yay you go girl!! Thanx for your comment Basundhara!! xo

  4. OK, I am definitely an Alpha then! Sometimes I have confidence issues and I won’t do certain things but I guess it’s just who I am and I won’t take shit from anyone, not even myself. hahaha! Love this post!

    1. Thanx Niki!! You sound like an Alpha female to me for sure!! xoxo

  5. Oh Nice. I definitely recognize a few of these trades in me. And I love it. So don’t mess with us fierce ladies!

    1. Do not ever ever mess with us!!! Ha!! Thanx Kasia!! xo

  6. Though I don’t fit into all of these and would not qualify as an alpha, I can see how empowering it must be. You go girl!!

    1. Super empowering and fun too!! Thanx Lisa xox

  7. I’d love to encompass all of these traits, but it takes a great deal to apply them to practice. Love this post though! Thank you for putting together this list!

    1. Thank you! Being Alpha certainly isn’t for all women! :o Thanx for your comment!! xo

  8. What a compliment! I hope to be an Alpha Female, I’m working to be more confident in myself.

    1. Good girl!! Don’t ever stop working on yourself xoxo Thanx for your comment!


  9. I would like to claim before that I’m an alpha female but is somehow shy to admit but reading the qualities you’ve mentioned, I’m confident that I really am am Alpha female. Is it good that I am super confident?!

    1. Yes!!!! It is good that you are super confident!!! xoxo

  10. From one alpha female to another, cheers! Loved this post!

    1. Cheers!! Thanx for your comment and glad you liked the blog :)


  11. Alpha Females Rock! I have a few of these traits, I for sure strive to have all of them one day! I know plenty of women who are Alpha Females and I admire them!

    1. Hey Jess thanx for your comment….yes we do rock…:) xoxo

  12. Yaaaaaasssssss! Alpha women UNITE! I love this and I super proud to be one and LOVE setting boundaries. My fave line is “No Ma’am!” when I need to put my foot down!

    1. Yaaaaaaaassss!!! xoxo Glad you liked it Rita and thanx so much for your comment. xoxo

  13. Such powerful words. The world needs more women to stand up and be powerful. Great stuff.

    1. Hey thanx so much Matt and you’re right, more women do need to find their voice and stand up!!!


  14. What a freakin fantastic post! :)

    You’ve just made me feel on top of the world by defining Alpha Female. Who would’ve thought?

    Yes, I would like to think I’m one of those – and not the obnoxious type. I would hope this woman you are defining, is what we all aspire to be. A kind woman, who is confident in her skin, has fantastic boundaries, and lifts other women up while she’s at it.

    A well-written post, and I’ll be sharing it and referring to it in future. That’s for sure :)

    Joelyne xo

    1. Awe thank you so much Joelyne I’m glad you liked it and thank you for sharing it too!! I appreciate you xoxoxo

  15. I am a strong woman! I dont lnow of i want to or need to be an Alpha but i rock antway?????

  16. This has me down to a “T”! My ex walked out after 20years,” could not deal with me any longer”! LMAO. I did a happy dance when the door shut. I am NOT a watered down woman to be controlled like a gaming controller. Very lucky about my friends too. Life is just too sweet

  17. I am all these and more….I’m also loving, caring, courageous and hardworking – I guess I shall only ever give up if my body and mind doesn’t cooperate anymore with me. And most importantly, I don’t get jealous, EVER! I might feel bad though….It’s unfortunate, not every woman is an alpha woman – but it would be great if I could somehow genetically remove jealousy from some emancipated alpha wannabe/beta women who reach success in their career and think they’re the best and look down upon all the others or try to feel Boss! Being an alpha woman is an attitude – you could be struggling to survive during tough times or working hard to rebuild your life from ground zero but you will be daring as hell or heaven – whatever be the reason and be a no nonsense personality….to top it with style “I’m feminine” ;-)

  18. I have three of the characteristics. Especially working on the first one. Great content.

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