6 Best Self Help Books That Will Totally Change Your Life

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You know, 5 years or so ago when I realized my life was slowly starting to sink into rock bottom I did something I had stopped doing years ago. Reading books. But this time I knew I needed something other than Stephen King. It was time to start digging into personal development and self improvement. It was my first go at reading self help books and lemme tell ya, I’m sure glad I did.

I honestly believe the first step to personal growth or self improvement is recognizing that you need help and that you can’t do it alone anymore. I had finally sunk to the bottom, rock bottom that is, when I realized it was time to kick my healing into high gear. I devoured YouTube videos, I listened to audios and read a ton of the best self help books I could find. I also read a lot of free mini guides online “sign up now to get your free guide to xyz” Some of those helped, many didn’t.


6 self help books that will change your life


Self help books aren’t for everyone

And I totally get that. But don’t discount the power of them either. Most of the authors of these books have gone through some serious trauma in their life. They weren’t born with silver spoons in their mouths. Some of them even hit rock bottom, like me. Maybe even like you. Maybe you’re still there. Maybe you can’t afford to buy books right now.

I couldn’t. But I got to a point where I couldn’t afford not to buy them either. I found the money. I bought the books. I changed my life.

At one time, I never really believed self help books could even help me. I kinda thought they were all a bunch of baloney to be honest. Until I bought my first one. It was at that moment, I totally got it then. The writers of these books don’t just want your money. They truly want you to have a happy life.

I appreciated their sincerity. I needed it.

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6 of the best self help books to love yourself more and have a happier life

In no particular order, and I’ve even included the self help book I wrote this year, here they are:

Radical Forgiveness

6 self help books to change your life


This was the very first book I bought and devoured it quickly, and then went back and read it two more times. A powerful book on learning how to not only forgive those who hurt you but to forgive yourself for any things you keep tormenting yourself with. This was beautifully written and a pure powerhouse!

The Power

6 self help books to change your life


Another book from Rhonda and a favourite of mine and though I did buy The Secret and enjoyed that one as well I found this book to be more, shall I say, it just resonated more and I found it was easier to believe and follow. Though The Secret was good there are many things in that book I don’t really subscribe to. The Power takes it to a whole new level.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k

6 self help books to change your life


Honestly, everyone should read this one. We stress too much about stuff that just doesn’t matter and we place too much value on people and things that don’t really deserve it. This no bull book will totally change the way you look at things, people, and life.

You Can Heal Your Life

6 self help books to change your life


Awe-Mazing!!! This book was on the top shelf in my nightstand and I referred to it often. Louise Hay is so genuine and loving and her books are soothing for any broken soul. This book goes into great depths to understanding your pain and emotions and healing them all on a very natural and intuitive level. I love this book with all that I am.

You Are a Bad***

6 self help books


Boom!! Jen Sincero is raw and real and doesn’t hold back. This self help book is funny, empowering, uplifting and very real. When you are done this book you will have no doubt in your mind that you are, indeed, a bad*** and you are great!! This one comes with colourful language so reader beware.

From Hell to Happiness

15 moving on quotes to help you heal your broken heart


This is my self help guide book that will take you through what I went through and how I came out happier and more in love with life and myself. There are exercises to do and challenges to overcome but it’s everything I learned in my self improvement journey that I share with you.

Best books on self help

If I had to recommend just one, I honestly wouldn’t be able to. Each one of these self help books (excluding mine of course) got me through some very troubled times. I have to put 5 stars on all of them. I really do believe that any book on self help is going to be filled with information to get you through your hard times.

There aren’t any bad books on self help in my opinion. Each is written with love and guidance. I truly believe that any one who has taken the time to write a self help book sincerely wants to help the reader, you.


Remember you aren’t alone.

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Know that right now, if you are going through a hard time, or feel stuck or frustrated, you’re not alone and there is help, always, available. Reach out to a friend, or a counselor or someone to talk to. Things will get better. Everything is temporary. Even the bad times.

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6 self help books you should read today

With much love

xo iva xo

(this post contains affiliate links so if you make a purchase I make a small commission)

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