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3 Thoughts That Will Change Your Attitude When You’re Having a Sh*tty Day.

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This is how one day that turned into chaos helped me have an attitude change

You had a terrible sleep, your alarm went off earlier than you think it should have, you race around like a chicken with its head cut off, grab coffee, no time for breakfast, try to prepare for the workshop you’re hosting in an hour.

Your frantic all the while trying to maintain a positive attitude so you can have a good day, race out to start the car and……….nothing. It doesn’t start. The attitude change from positive to cranky happens in two seconds.

It’s 8:45 am. Good morning Iva. Welcome to Sunday.

Yup that’s how that day started and it progressively got worse from there. It just seemed that so many things had gone wrong that day. Not because I set out intentions to the Universe for it to get worse, it just did. I had my little freak out moment sitting in the driver’s seat this morning saying out loud “You have GOT to be kidding me right now?”

Nope. The powers to be were not joking at all. So I sat in my car wondering who to call first. Sisters, right? I got two of them and surely one of them will come to my aid.

Call sister number 1, that coincidentally lives just around the corner. She answers the phone with a sleepy groggy voice totally not comprehending anything I am frantically telling her. OK, let’s try sister number 2, that doesn’t live too far away but happens to have two little ones that she will have to bundle up in order to rescue me.

And she does, very willingly. OK well it’s unclear how willing she is to do this but she does it ’cause she loves me and I’m her sister.

I sit in my car, wait for sis, freeze, and pray. “Dear God, I know this is a test. I got this I’m OK. Really I am.”

Really I wasn’t OK though. I knew this was a sign of more trouble to come that day. I just had a feeling. And my intuition proved to be right. Again. It was a day from Hell.

This day really tested my patience and my faith. It was one of those days where a nap was in order. A well-deserved and much needed nap. It was also an eye opener of a day for me. Often when things go so bad, our attitude takes a hit and suddenly we become negative Nancy.

The day taught me a few things actually. 3 things to be exact.

3 things to think about that will help you change your attitude

Next time you’re having a really bad day, think about these 3 things to make that attitude change from really sour to sickly sweet.

Patience is a virtue (honestly, I’m still working on that)

I don’t always have a ton, I’ll admit, but I’m working on it. When I feel I’m just about to lose my marbles I tell myself to just stop and breathe. It works, for real. When you take time to focus on remaining calm, your attitude will eventually lighten up and you’ll feel a tad more optimistic again.

Troubles are temporary

All good is temporary as is all bad. Matter of fact, so is life. We stress over nothing sometimes. We cause our own grief most of the times. Things are temporary. All of it. When we remember this very important point, it’s easy to shift our attitude from sour to sweet. Trust me on this one.

Things always work out in the end

Always and they work out exactly the way they are supposed to. Let things be and don’t try to control the outcome of a situation. Just let it unfold as it is meant to be. As soon as you release the need to control the outcome of any situation, a simple attitude change will level out the whole problem and you will be back to your chipper self again.

Calm down Susan.

You know, it’s so easy to freak out and lose our minds when things go wrong.  We slip into high gear panic mode and wonder how the hell we’re gonna get out of “this one”. It’s not easy to see clearly when things have gone wrong.

But the reality of it is, really, things always just work out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out yet, it’s not the end. We take things too seriously and we are the cause of most of our stress and grief.

We honestly need to have more faith and just chill the eff out. Turn that frown upside down. That simple little attitude change will make the world of difference to you and those around you.

Another way to make that attitude change is to try to soak in some positive attitude quotes!! Those buggers always help me get through the worst times. Here are a few links with some of the best quotes about life I think you’ll enjoy!

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So anyway, I ended the day with a batch of homemade peanut butter cookies. Mmmm…cookies. Comfort food.

Will these cookies make me fat?

Peace and Love


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